Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Watcha wearing Wednesday? Confessions ^^

Not much, actually... I am playing around with my most beloved long skirt. It's a fabulous traditional skirt from the Provence. I got it years ago on a market there and have never ceased to be amazed by the swirly awesomeness of all those fabric layers.

The reason I am wearing this skirt is that yesterday was a very special day and we like dressing up for special occasions. We got ourselves a present for our one year anniversary, which is very special and still quite old fashioned in a way. It's a ring. Only, the ring is not on my finger. ;o)
I have thought a bit about if I will tell people what I got, and pretty soon decided I would. I mean, what's all the excitement about if you can't share it? And come on, everybody knows I have a vagina. ^^

It was over so quickly, although the moments when the guy pushed the needle and afterwards the ring through were quite painful. I felt some stinging on the way back, but was already painfree when we got home. Now I feel a bit tender from time to time but basically very, very ok. Looking at the beautiful gem in the mirror may act as a painkiller, who knows... :o) The only other piercings I ever had were two normal earpiercings and later two more in my right ear, and I remember them to be much more painful (although not bad at all) than this. So, thumbs up, altogether!

Well, i still like it to be nice and aery and cool down there though.
What are you wearing? ;o)

Weekend account

Hello there. It's wednesday already, I know. I have been beaten off the tracks by blogger, who wouldn't let me upload any pics, little bugger. So I fell into the abyss of procrastination. But now it seems to have worked out wonderfully. Lots of you will already have seen the mysterious scouty pictures on facebook. Now I haven't exactly been scouting this weekend. The explanation ist this: Somewhere in the beginning of this year I decided to take a course of further education that I've always wanted to do ever since I knew about "Feuervogel". Feuervogel is a swiss association for nature paedagogics. They run a list of outdoor preschools, and a thick booklet of all sorts of outdoor activities happening around the year: Workshops, courses, camps, trips... Their background is the mission to educate people to grow back into appreciating nature and its benefits, and to enjoy them without hurting our environment.

And they also offer a year-long course for a certificate called "Meisterschaft authentischer Naturp├Ądagogik" (Mastery in authentic nature paedagogics). So that's what I am doing now. It's six weekends throughout a year, some homeworks, a stage and diplome paper until you get that beautifully sounding title to be yours, and now we are one weekend down. I'd rather it would still be six. Five seems like it's gonna be over so quick. Much too quick for something so awesome.

The group of 25 girls of all ages met with our instructors at the trainstation and then walked off into the woods. All the weekends are spent outdoors. No houses, no electricity, no running water. Its nature paedagogics, fair enough.

So we started with setting up our own little shelters.

The rest of our weekend evolved around the big common room tent, where we built a nice sofa all around the big fireplace, with fir tree branches.

The main topics of these two days were making fire - and oh boy did we make fire! Without matches of course. But with lots of cursing, sweating, struggling, singing and helping each other. And I tell you, it's a divine feeling to hold a little fire of your own in your hands after so much hard work.

And then we learned a lot of different knots. Much easier, in my opinion. Just have to practice again so I won't forget them.

It doesn't sound like much, but the time went by like nothing. I must also mention the great food that we always had and that would have kept us cheery even if the weather would have been as bad as expected (which it wasn't).

Tis weekend once again showed me how much impact nature-oriented living can have on us. I haven't felt so genuinely happy and calm in a very long while. The only thing we cared for these days were being warm, sheltered and fed. With every single thing we did we knew exactly why we did it. Covering all your genuine needs with your own two hands gives such a feeling of satisfaction, it's great.
I think it really points out that the path I am staggering on at the moment is good for me. It really convinced me of trying to live more simple and self-sustaining. I know you can't really use that word living in a city apartment, but we're not only talking about now and tomorrow here.

For all of you who haven't seen the facebook album with all the pictures yet, go and have a peek:

Friday, March 26, 2010


The weather is gonna be horrible, so I'm gone camping for the weekend. ;o)
Cu all on monday, hopefully. I'll take my flippers.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Watcha wearing Wednesday? Spring edition

Old favourite pullover from the second hand store I saved off the 'throwing-away'-pile. And a bit of a sceptical look. Is today gonna be alright? It was. Just need some napping now and then.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Green food for the bugs

Here I'll try to list healthy, ecofriendly (aka local food, processed as little as possible) and easy things to keep us on the go when we feel sick.

Sore throat: Listen to your throat. What does it need? Hot or cold?
For the hot needs, there are a lot of different teas that you can try, and combine as you like. Add those things (preferably fresh): ginger, chili, honey and sage.

You can either make tea directly out of ginger or sage, or add some base, like camomille, lime-tree blossom or others. I find peppermint, which I drink normally, too cooling for such occasions.

If you prefer cold things, try fruit juices (they contain fruit sugar, so they will also nourish you if you don't feel like eating), or cooled tea. Peppermint is great.

For all issues with your throat and sinuses, add spice! Garlic, chili, wasabi, sambal oelek.... whatever you find (although if you buy stuff, always opt for the fresh, local things), add it to your food or tea, it will help desinfect and clean that mess down there, and help you to breathe more freely.

Ognions are great for your throat, too. Make syrup out of them: Chop them up, put in a glass and cover with sugar. Take a spoonfull of the stuff every now and then. This is very effective against coughs. If you can't bear the thought, put the copped pieces on a scarf, fold it up and wrap it around your throat. Some ognion slices next to your bed will help to clear your stuffed nose.

A spoonfull of any vegetable oil can also help to free your throat and sinuses from that ghastly thick mucus: Take one in your mouth every morning, wait as long as you can stand it, keeping it there, and then spit it all out again. I promise, you'll get used to it!

Gargle: Aaah, the word allone! ;o) My best bet (that tipp is from a doctor, ladies and gents!): Two teaspoons of salt in a medium glass with warm water. Gargle as often as possible. It desinfects and cleans your tonsils. To soothe your throat (also against coughing), gargle tea from sage leaves.

Headaches: Tea from woodruff (be careful: don't make it too strong, and do not drink more than a cup a day. It can make you dizzy or hallucinate) and/or lavender. Sometimes, some lavender flowers under the pillow help as well. I also find tea tree oil and tigerbalm very effective.

Can't breathe? Brew up camomille, lime-tree blossom, sage, and add some drops of tea tree oil. Bow over the pot, put a big towel over your head, set the timer on ten minutes and breathe deeply (as well as you can... it's ok to breathe through your mouth!). Also helps with a sore throat.

For all things cold-ish, ribwort is a good bet. You find it almost everywhere around here, and I dry it and use it for making tea. It helps clearing your sinuses and soothing your throat.

A big winner for all types of sicknesses is chicken soup (if you're vegetarian, vegetables must do the job), preferably homemade (keep it in the freezer). It gives strength and soothes your throat.

Against fever, there is always the good old cold damp towel. Add some vinegar to the water, it helps to cool even more. Wrap around lower legs, ankles and put on your forehead.

Ok, that's a lot, also a lot to remember, but maybe you liked some things, and can write them down or see that you have some of the ingredients ready. The goal should be to minimize your effort because you will not be able to bend a finger twice, whenever you need these things.

Anyways: Stay healthy, you all! ;o)


Being sick and the green life

Today, I am slowly reclaiming living ground. Physically, by wandering shakily around the flat, picking up things here and there and feeling even more exhausted than after the big clean after having put away a few dishes. Mentally, by trying to keep up with social work that I had pushed aside yesterday. There is so much to organise and communicate. And who would think, in the aera of SMS and emails, that phonecalls are still so essential? It's no secret I do not like phoning, but sometimes it has to be. (I am not ok with that but my grown-up self tries to take it stoically, whilst my inner child bumps her fists against the wall). Although, not today. The fever is gone and left the well known shakiness and need for rest. But my throat is still swollen, and there's three things that I try to avoid, because they hurt so much it gives me tears: Swallowing, yawning, and talking. So today, everything that can be done via writing gets done, and the rest has to wait, hopefully until tomorrow.

Let's get to more interesting matters. Being sick affects your daily routine, of course. Dishes remain undone, phonecalls unanswered, shortly; your daily program gets cancelled. It also affects how I care for myself. When I came home on saturday I grabbed my standard sick-things from my first-aid box (some homeopatic stuff -maybe we can discuss that another time?- tiger balm, fever thermometer and so on), made some tea and that was all I did until sunday evening.

Although now I know and remember that there would have been more things that could have helped over this first stage. But of course, there are other things on your mind when your body is on flames. What I also realised is that being sick affected my shopping habits. I bought huge amounts of orange juice, and throat pastilles. Also, a sore throat always makes me long for icecream, and when I was conscious enough to feel hungry again, I was craving for all things sweet.
I believe very strongly that we should listen to our body in such situations because it will hunger for what will be useful for it.
Only maybe it is our task to interpret it's needs and translate them into healthier and environmentally friendlier products. For example, it's very clear that there's two sorts of things that can affect my throat. One of them makes me want soup and tea in huges quantities, all sorts warm stuff. That's mostly together with a cold. An infection however, like this one, calls for cold stuff, to calm the inflamed throat down. Yoghurt, as well as frozen berries or fruits have the same effect there and are much easier to purchase ecofriendly than icecream; the one sweet and cool thing my body remembers in this situation.

And since once we are sick, we will not be amused by such mental games anymore, I will put up a list in the recipes sector here, so I have it already written down for the next time.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fever demons ate my blogposts

Hello world, it's been some time. It's not that I didn't have anything to blog about, but things kind of closed in upon me and those few days were gone so fast. I got a call on wednesday asking if I could help out in a school because the kindergarden teacher was ill, so I worked thursday and friday. It was a wonderful restart, with great kids, lovely colleagues and lovely weather. ;o) But it also meant that I had to get up at 6 am again. And I am just not made for that. I must say I didn't have any problems with it this time, more so, I started waking up at 5 and not being able to go to sleep again. That continued into saturday when I woke up with a completely swollen throat and feeling achy and shaky all over. But I had promised my sisters to have lunch with them, so I went, and we had a good time, watching Harry Potter and cuddling the new catbeast in my sister's WG. When I came home in the afternoon I went to bed and needed two layers of pyjamas and a cover to keep me warm and the rest of the day and night to sunday is a feverish blurr. It must have been around 39°C because that's when I feel the worst. As soon as I get up to 40 I am fine. Sunday morning I was down to 38.6 and at least didn't feel like every muscle was trying to escape it's place in my body, and like every single hair on my skin had turned into a needle, end inwards.
I spent sunday waiting for things to get better, which they did. I was able to read for short times and the fever went down more, and in the evening Trevor came back from Frankfurt. I was now well enough to actually feel hungry, and I was able to eat some yoghurt, although every time I swallowed was agony and made me wanna cry. At least with my darling's company I was calm enough to finally go to sleep, and when I woke up this morning, the fever was gone. About time, I need to get in shape again at least until next weekend.

But first, I'll need some more rest and some serious food, which I am about to get. And we'll still try to celebrate a bit: Our missed Ostara, and also, one year of amazing love. :o)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Behind the mountain

Phew! I can't believe it myself, but the biggest things are done. I got up early today and before I knew what I was doing, I found myself cleaning out the attic. Quite a good thing, because all the things that I wanted to bring upstairs either had a home in a labeled box now, or enough space to be put away. Two boxes will go away to the Brockenhaus (thriftstore), and there's a full five bags of clothes and two bags of shoes to give away. (No really, I only have that many things because I *never* throw them away...!)
I started in the entrance way and cleaned out the shelf there. It's a big, very cheap one from the yellowblue store, and I don't like it, it's too heavy, especially in this dark and narrow room. So I just put the much smaller and slimmer shelf from my room out there, and it works wonderfully. I don't even need the second shelf. So will give it away.
That was my morning. I spent the whole afternoon sorting through all the bits and pieces on and around my desk. It took hours, and it was very hard to stay focused and motivated, but in the end, I got it. Everything is packed away neatly, I know where things are, and there is a specific place for everything (very important for not making a mess again).

(love that picture! It's from here!)

Now there's only a few minor things left to do:
- wetclean the floors (didn't get around to that today)
- hanging some pictures
- sorting out two small boxes with things I did not really know where to put and will need time to think about
- cleaning the windows
- redecorate (for spring, of course! ^^)

Right now I'm sitting back with a cup of tea, just enjoying the feeling of my cleaned out little flat. It seems to literally glow with brightness and calmness and cleanliness. :o)

And now I'll grab my green cardi, so the Leprechauns won't pinch me, and go and have a huge supper at the irish pub!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

From the studio ;o)

Huuh! I'm lying in bed and it's hard to not give in to the temptation of just going to sleep right now. I went for a swim this morning and then cleaned another bit until just now. The baby bunny is gleaming now! :o)
On sunday evening I was so excited by all that had happened on the weekend and how nice it was, that I just couldn't go to sleep, and since I got up normal time on monday I didn't get too much sleep. So yesterday after dinner I was really knackered at around 8.30 and went to bed. oO
Couldn't sleep really though, and this morning when I couldn't, I would have loved to sleep in (it's always the same).
Well, so I did all the cleaning that I had set for today and I'm done and I realised I still have some things to show from last week.

First of all, the picture of the painting that I promised:

It's very different from how I usually paint, but I think the colors are really cool and they make me smile.

The other day, I had a case of sudden sock-death. It's always sad, especially since those were a present from my sister and so great and colorful. but ther was nothing to be done, the heel was not existand anymore. So I cut off the sole.

Then I opened a little treasure box

Wrapped a bit and sew a bit, and ta-daah!

Ready for the next unbirthday-party! ;o)

Monday, March 15, 2010

The weekend in pictures

Luckily, I had my camera with me the whole weekend, although not the cable. so here are some spotlights of what we did on these two days.

Saturday I spent baking... sort of. First we shopped for ingredients:

And then we worked, for we had a deadline.

In the end, we got this:

A delicious cake, just big enough for a girl to fit inside... because a friend of ours had his birthday party that evening. This is what we did with it:

(For the craftily interested: We constructed a wooden frame for the two layers first, then taped packing paper to it. The cream is isolation foam. Cherries and candles for decoration.)

On sunday, we made a mess:

And then we cleaned:

And then we enjoyed our great home:

(Sneakpeak of my painting on the wall)

(note the refreshingly empty balcony in the background!)

It's that time of the year...

Although you wouldn't believe it when looking outside, where snowflakes are softly falling (again...!), spring is on the roll, and Ostara, or Easter is just around the corner. This year I am being very serious about taking time to contemplate and celebrate each holiday of the year. I think it really helps me keep in touch with how the worls changes around me. The one habit that has accompanied me ever since I've started practicing paganism is doing a spring clean before Ostara (20st March) and autumn clean before Samhain (Halloween, 31st October). It's no different this year.
When I still lived in a shared flat me and my flatmate used to fix a weekend and have a big cleanout, and that was it. This year since I'm living on my own and don't have to make an appointment, I started softly with rearranging and decluttering my kitchen.

The thing is, that I am practically living in two places at the moment. My own, sweet little flat, which is 30sqm (just a little entrance, one room and a bathroom) and piled to the ceiling with crafty and other lovely stuff, and the big flat of my boyfriend. I am there very often, because we like to spend time with my love's flatmate and his girlfriend, and cooking is much more fun in the big, well endowed kitchen than in my tiny place with everything improvised and kept to a bare minimum (including tools and food stock).

Since four (formerly five) people tend to make quite a mess overtime I suggested we do some spring cleaning in the WG as well, and that's what we set out to do on this lovely sunday. We spent six hours cleaning out the kitchen cupboards, dusting the shelves, cleaning the windows, washing the balcony floor, putting away all the mess and clutter and recycling, rearranging and sorting out food and tools, cleaning out the fridge and freezer.... and finished just in time for two lovely friends to visit for a nice leftover-dinner. Ah, what a feeling to sit in a clean and neatly arranged livingroom after a hard day of work, having tea and making plans and lists of things to get to put away the rest of the stuff neatly.
We're not quite finished now, since the flat is really very big. There is still a lot of stuff to be taken away, like a bedframe and an old cupboard, TV and such things, but also tons of glass etc. to recycle. If we get to wetclean the floor we will be done with the kitchen and livingroom, which leaves us with the corridor, stash room and two bathrooms to go. That sounds like much, but those really only need to be cleaned and that's done in no time with four people helping.

All that cleaning and tidying really set me off and I can't wait to really start on my flat. After cleaning out a zillion of sticky, yucky drawers, my kitchen will feel like a baby bunny to clean. ^^
Also, I do not have windows as big as entire walls (thank Gods!). My big problem child is my crafty space, aka my desk and surroundings, which is hopelessly cluttered and really needs rearranging. Well, I am all set with energy and motivation to get it done this week. Let's hope for the best!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The last fondue

Officially the last fondue of this winter. I hope that also tells the weatherspirits, that it is really time for spring now. I mean, I like snow, but we won't have time for spring if it continues snowing right into April.

A real fondue spoon needs to have hole in the middle. So a hole was drilled.

Lots of nice people came and brought great salads and drinks. So they really earned a great fondue. ;o)

I think, they liked it.

Ahja: It was a multikulti-fondue, of course.

Now we will start planning our first grillparty! :o)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The waltz of the Fearie and the Fennel

Guess what? Today I have a recipe for you!
Not one of mine, of course. It still happens quite rarely that I make something that is a) actually my own invention and b) good enough to be shared.
But the Chef whipped up this great dish yesterday and I asked him to write it down so I could blog about it. It is really, really good!

So without further ado, I will open Master's recipe book for you:

The waltz of the Faerie and the Fennel
(Fish filet in a sauce of Absinth, with Fennel stew and cabbage)

You need (for 2 people)

about 300g of firm fish filets (Master says, monkfish would be good, for which shark is a cheap substitute. We had trout)
10 small (cherry) tomatoes
1 small jar of capers
fresh dill
fresh yoghurt
half a head of savoy cabbage
some cloves
cayenne pepper
2 fennel bulbs
3 spring onions

1) Bake fennel (sliced in thin stripes) with some olive oil, salt and pepper about 1h in the oven by 150 °C. It shold be quite dry and crisp on the outside.

2) Cut cabbage and boil with some olive oil, cloves and dill until done

3) Dice tomatoes and cook in oil with capers and dill, as soon as the pieces start to soften add the fennel

4) Mix yoghurt, cayenne pepper, some absinthe (we had quite little, so it just showed), salt, pepper and some good quality olive oil. Add a little water.

5) Preferably in a wok, Cook spring onions (cut into 15cm stripes) until browning, add fish (cut in 2cm broad pieces) and a dash of absinthe.

6) Add sauce when the ingredients start to cook dry.

I put the fennel in the oven in the early evening, but everything else was done in about 20 minutes, so although it sounds quite complicated it is really an easy and quick recipe!

The combination of cabbage and cloves ist just lovely, and I could eat the fennel stew every day now! ^^ Loved the fish as well, especially since you can really *just* trace the absinthe, it gives the last little twist on your tongue, but is not too strong (I don't like absinthe so much)

Bon app' !! :o)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Planet green

I found this website googling around for a sustainable solution for stearin candles.
I like it, because the design is very friendly and they have lots of interesting articles about topics from all parts of daily life. The menue is not so orderly, but it is surely worth the time clicking trough all the interesting links.

Planet green is not exactly a site to give you exact instructions about doing things. The how-to's are more about principles, and their shopping guides are US based. Their real strength are their well written articles and beautiful pictures.
I find them inspiring, and sometimes, when all that green stuff gets just a bit too much, inspiration is just what I need to get my motivation back.

My current favourite:
Deforestation in everyday food

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A weekend sum-up

Hey everyone, had a nice weekend?
We spent such a nice, lazy saturday in bed, watching the snowstorm outside the window, enjoying lots of cuddles and a cup of hot choccolate. Aaaah! :o)
On Sunday I finished a painting and if I get some decent light soon I will take a picture of it.
And we had great great food. (As usual, but it is still such a mystery to me how my life changed from frozen lasagne and sandwiches to yummy selfmade curries, risottos and other wonderful stuff ^^)
I stuck to my rules regarding the computer, with two exceptions: We played a computer game, and we watched a film. But that doesn't really count, does it? Because we played the game together, so it was like a tabletop, and normally you watch movies on the tv, not on the computer, so we can just pretend during that time my computer turned into my not existing tv.

I cut down on internet and got busy after the weekend, too.
On monday I finally took the car and got some old stuff from the sly-wg, that has been lurking in the basement and up in the attic for two years now. It's mostly stuff that I'll have to get rid of, so nothing exciting I fear. Some bags of old clothes (I went through them again and saved a small pile out of nostalgia ^^), some old it stuff (anyone need a scanner, printer or keyboard?), and a box of minidiscs. Sometimes I miss the MD time. I remember how we adored them. They were much more flexible than CD's (that was before burners were a standard), and much easier to record than tapes. Well, I guess it was just the thrill of the new. Now I need to find a way to get rid of them...
Karobube and me then had a very nostalgic dinner: Pasta, onion sauce and minced meatballs. Classic kids-birthday dish, no?

In my whole planning I had somehow overlooked that I had to bring the car back to my parent's place that evening and then go back to Zurich again. So I got home quite late, had very strange dreams and then woke up to the morning of my first motorbike lesson feeling very tired and not very fond of the snow and icy winds outside.

All the same it was great and I liked my teacher very much and at least I got an early start ;o)

I am still thinking about how to get my computer use in a good form. I am trying to work out how much time I need to use the computer per day, to set a good limit. But that also requires to differ between working time and just surfing around.

Only bla-bla today I'm sorry. I forgot, after biking I swam 1.5 km, and now I am feeling quite tired and somewhat with my head in the clouds.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The importance of being serious

So I've admitted to myself that my computer keeps me from doing actual work. It needed a on hour run (on a side note: I think I've never run for such a long time in my life... yaaaay!! ^^) to take me to the next step. Turning the computer off. The most natural thing of course, and it didn't take me that long to think of it, but to decide to actually do it. So this afternoon, I did a few things that take a longer time on the internet, some research, and some reading, and I made a big list of things to do without the internet. Also a -surprisingly quite short- list of things that I'll need the net for.
And now I am taking a weekend off. No computer, no internet. Nothing. I won't even turn it on. I promise (uuuh, think of me, it's gonna be hard!).
Of course this is the other extreme, but I feel like I need a cut before changing my habits. I will get back to you on monday.

New resolutions

I have been hanging around. Quite a bit. I mean, since I stopped working last summer I haven't really done anything, really. Or at least that's how it feels. Then I worked again until three weeks ago and these three weeks I really haven't done anything but chilling and working on my oeco-karma. ^^

Yes, yes I can year you hard working people sigh, and I can see the longing in your eyes. But let me tell you something: Not even I, the laziest person in this world, like the thought of spending all my days doing nothing. I mean, it is very comfortable, nothing to say against that. But you know, you go to bed in the evening with this awkward conscience of the fact that your life is just so stuck at the moment. And I don't like that, at all.

Ok, so I need to change something, and I know exactly where to begin. I'll tell you a secret: I am a computer person. I switch that thing on first thing in the morning and saying goodnight to the screen is the last thing I do before going to sleep. I use the computer for everything. Communication, research, entertainment, shopping, inspiration (we won't talk about the blog...)... everything! That is good, in a way, because it saves time and makes me know things that otherwise I wouldn't.
It also keeps me from actually getting away from the keyboard and getting actual, real-life things done. I know that, I have known it all along. It's just... once you admit it, you have to do something against it, and that hurts. So i kind of tried to push it away. Ok, now I told you, and now I am gonna go for a run and think about it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Watcha doing...

I really regretted not having taken my camera this morning on the market. So as an excuse for the long, picture-less post, I took a lot on my tour through Oerlikon's woods. First of all, it's wednesday, so whatcha wearing? Me a not too warm jacket and hat, but both well loved. I'm not sad on this picture, just the sun came out the very second, and made me wanting to close my eyes.

I just have to show you this pullover, I bought it about a year ago when I visited David in Germany. I remember we had such a hard time deciding if I should buy it, I went around the store and asked random customers if I should. In the end I didn't even take it off but had the lady at the counter scan it just like that. I still love it so much!

Spring is in the air. The trees are growing buds like crazy. In the fierce wind, old leaves fly out of the branches, off to unknown destinations, like the birds in fall. The earth is definitely not frozen anymore, and it seems only to be waiting for some sort of secret start sign. SHE is waiting for HIS spark... and then it will be a firework of life!

The woods in Oerlikon are not real woods. I don't think there is any of them in Switzerland. It's just a little gathering of trees. You go out, you keep to a path, and you'll get out again eventually. Here, a lot of work has been done to make space for young trees. Some of the work was done by humans, some by the wind. There's firewood for ten barbequeue-seasons around!

The open land looks wonderful. There's still lots of brown shades and only some dark green patches to be seen, but the sun gives a tone to all the colors that whispers: Soon, soon...! You can't see it, but there's a flock of sheep behind that tree to the left. When I was a child, the first time we would see the sheep outside was always a highlight in our waiting for spring.

There are even some dots of color already.

And our little friends can finally go for a good nice swim. When we visited last, two weeks ago, the pond was still frozen!

I'm sure these little guys would love to dig around the defrozen grass all around their stables.

I don't know about you, but I always wanna bring something home from a walk. Sometimes I am so overcome by all the riches that nature has to give us, that I become all greedy, and I want to take home every nice stick, every beautiful stone... well, today I restricted myself to a few snowdrops.

What's going on in your territory? Has spring arrived in your backyard? Go and hunt for it. Don't wait for Easters, it will be to late by then!
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