Friday, March 5, 2010

The importance of being serious

So I've admitted to myself that my computer keeps me from doing actual work. It needed a on hour run (on a side note: I think I've never run for such a long time in my life... yaaaay!! ^^) to take me to the next step. Turning the computer off. The most natural thing of course, and it didn't take me that long to think of it, but to decide to actually do it. So this afternoon, I did a few things that take a longer time on the internet, some research, and some reading, and I made a big list of things to do without the internet. Also a -surprisingly quite short- list of things that I'll need the net for.
And now I am taking a weekend off. No computer, no internet. Nothing. I won't even turn it on. I promise (uuuh, think of me, it's gonna be hard!).
Of course this is the other extreme, but I feel like I need a cut before changing my habits. I will get back to you on monday.


Elisa said...

I had the computer off all day yesterday too. But now I have to do the wok I delayed, there is a deadline today and this is the other side of the medal for me.

Plus I am sooooooooooo f***ing tired due to you-know-what and it makes it all worse.

I am reading FB and your blog and mails today, but not working at all...

I get most done, if I am awake, no matter if the computer is on or off... :-)

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