Monday, March 22, 2010

Fever demons ate my blogposts

Hello world, it's been some time. It's not that I didn't have anything to blog about, but things kind of closed in upon me and those few days were gone so fast. I got a call on wednesday asking if I could help out in a school because the kindergarden teacher was ill, so I worked thursday and friday. It was a wonderful restart, with great kids, lovely colleagues and lovely weather. ;o) But it also meant that I had to get up at 6 am again. And I am just not made for that. I must say I didn't have any problems with it this time, more so, I started waking up at 5 and not being able to go to sleep again. That continued into saturday when I woke up with a completely swollen throat and feeling achy and shaky all over. But I had promised my sisters to have lunch with them, so I went, and we had a good time, watching Harry Potter and cuddling the new catbeast in my sister's WG. When I came home in the afternoon I went to bed and needed two layers of pyjamas and a cover to keep me warm and the rest of the day and night to sunday is a feverish blurr. It must have been around 39°C because that's when I feel the worst. As soon as I get up to 40 I am fine. Sunday morning I was down to 38.6 and at least didn't feel like every muscle was trying to escape it's place in my body, and like every single hair on my skin had turned into a needle, end inwards.
I spent sunday waiting for things to get better, which they did. I was able to read for short times and the fever went down more, and in the evening Trevor came back from Frankfurt. I was now well enough to actually feel hungry, and I was able to eat some yoghurt, although every time I swallowed was agony and made me wanna cry. At least with my darling's company I was calm enough to finally go to sleep, and when I woke up this morning, the fever was gone. About time, I need to get in shape again at least until next weekend.

But first, I'll need some more rest and some serious food, which I am about to get. And we'll still try to celebrate a bit: Our missed Ostara, and also, one year of amazing love. :o)


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