Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Watcha wearing Wednesday? Confessions ^^

Not much, actually... I am playing around with my most beloved long skirt. It's a fabulous traditional skirt from the Provence. I got it years ago on a market there and have never ceased to be amazed by the swirly awesomeness of all those fabric layers.

The reason I am wearing this skirt is that yesterday was a very special day and we like dressing up for special occasions. We got ourselves a present for our one year anniversary, which is very special and still quite old fashioned in a way. It's a ring. Only, the ring is not on my finger. ;o)
I have thought a bit about if I will tell people what I got, and pretty soon decided I would. I mean, what's all the excitement about if you can't share it? And come on, everybody knows I have a vagina. ^^

It was over so quickly, although the moments when the guy pushed the needle and afterwards the ring through were quite painful. I felt some stinging on the way back, but was already painfree when we got home. Now I feel a bit tender from time to time but basically very, very ok. Looking at the beautiful gem in the mirror may act as a painkiller, who knows... :o) The only other piercings I ever had were two normal earpiercings and later two more in my right ear, and I remember them to be much more painful (although not bad at all) than this. So, thumbs up, altogether!

Well, i still like it to be nice and aery and cool down there though.
What are you wearing? ;o)


Elisa said...

du bist echt total mutig. Das schwarze Oberteil sieht aus wie bei Yoko Ono

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