Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A weekend sum-up

Hey everyone, had a nice weekend?
We spent such a nice, lazy saturday in bed, watching the snowstorm outside the window, enjoying lots of cuddles and a cup of hot choccolate. Aaaah! :o)
On Sunday I finished a painting and if I get some decent light soon I will take a picture of it.
And we had great great food. (As usual, but it is still such a mystery to me how my life changed from frozen lasagne and sandwiches to yummy selfmade curries, risottos and other wonderful stuff ^^)
I stuck to my rules regarding the computer, with two exceptions: We played a computer game, and we watched a film. But that doesn't really count, does it? Because we played the game together, so it was like a tabletop, and normally you watch movies on the tv, not on the computer, so we can just pretend during that time my computer turned into my not existing tv.

I cut down on internet and got busy after the weekend, too.
On monday I finally took the car and got some old stuff from the sly-wg, that has been lurking in the basement and up in the attic for two years now. It's mostly stuff that I'll have to get rid of, so nothing exciting I fear. Some bags of old clothes (I went through them again and saved a small pile out of nostalgia ^^), some old it stuff (anyone need a scanner, printer or keyboard?), and a box of minidiscs. Sometimes I miss the MD time. I remember how we adored them. They were much more flexible than CD's (that was before burners were a standard), and much easier to record than tapes. Well, I guess it was just the thrill of the new. Now I need to find a way to get rid of them...
Karobube and me then had a very nostalgic dinner: Pasta, onion sauce and minced meatballs. Classic kids-birthday dish, no?

In my whole planning I had somehow overlooked that I had to bring the car back to my parent's place that evening and then go back to Zurich again. So I got home quite late, had very strange dreams and then woke up to the morning of my first motorbike lesson feeling very tired and not very fond of the snow and icy winds outside.

All the same it was great and I liked my teacher very much and at least I got an early start ;o)

I am still thinking about how to get my computer use in a good form. I am trying to work out how much time I need to use the computer per day, to set a good limit. But that also requires to differ between working time and just surfing around.

Only bla-bla today I'm sorry. I forgot, after biking I swam 1.5 km, and now I am feeling quite tired and somewhat with my head in the clouds.


Elisa said...

Teil 1:

Why is it a mystery your food habits changed? Are you serious? If so I can enlighten you.
It all started when you met Trev. :-)
True love is soooo cute to watch. *girlygiggle*

Can't wait to see your painting.

Reading you had fun and a nice meal with Karo makes me happy, glad and satisfied. You two had such good times sharing your flat.
It was that time when I met you, so it is kinda nostalgic for me too. All in all it makes me really happy to read all that.

With the MD you should feel priviledged. I never had the chance to get anything non-tape before I met Ron and it was not before the year 2004 that I had the possibility to burn cd's. All classmates and their friends of higher grades had MDs and shared them, took them to Denmark etc. for me it was a completely different world of regular cinema goers and parent-spoiled instead of troubled teenagers, a world I never belonged. In fact and to be completely honest, I have no good memories of the MDs because everybody except me had it and when we were in Denmark with our Jazz Choir and had 2 concets in Aabenraa our incredibly handsome (had a crush on him back then) and talented piano player made it possible to record our concerts with his MD recorder connected to the technical environment of the school we had the concerts in. So after we returned, he had the MDs and made CD copies for the teachers and MD copies for all who had MD players. Not for me. I only got a plain tape. Nowadays I look at the tape and can't listen to it because either my player is broken or the tape is worn out. And I can't seem to get through to this boy or even my teacher/Choir leader to give me a digital copy. So a part of my biography slowly vanishes and that is bitter and hurts a lot.

A lazy day in bed sounds extremely desirable to me and even a tiny bit envy of you. I haven't had a lazy day in bed since 10 years, except you want to count the time when we lived in Schoeneweide in the years 2001-2003 where the ceilings were 4 metres high and the only warm place in the whole 100 square metres flat was the 4 square metres of our selfmade Hochbett, close to the ceiling and limited in motion and possibilites. Since then we haven't spent a single day in bed, although I really enjoy it and it makes me create a lot.

Elisa said...

Teil 2:

Biking lessons in the snow and swimming afterwards sounds like you are working hard on getting ill ;-) But you are very brave too.

If I were you, I wouldn't try to find a specified ammount of daily computer time to have it as a dogma. Instead you should enjoy the time you can use it and do everyhting you do with the computer with pleasure and not in a rush to keep your time limits. We are in the lucky situation compared to other countries to have this small luxury to be able to use the computer and the internet regularily with small fees and fast connection speed. I think we should be grateful for this circumstance and use it wisely and with joy alike. And not artificially limit ourselves.

It is like going on a diet - there are already full-blown studies about the phenomenons that people who know they are going on a diet soon eat twice as much as they usually would just because their underconciousness is afraid of dying and makes them do it and they are not even aware. Also, in the time something is forbidden (or restricted), is what you crave most. I would never have thought I would miss my occassional sips of whiskey or camembert bites or sushi take-away. Now that this is forbidden because of the Listerien infection risk, I am permanently craving for a bite of camembert or a sip of Whiskey especially with Saint Patrick's day around the corner. When my computer usage was limited, I was really nuts, all I was able to think of in the time before was the computer, so that instead of being more focused in the computer (or internet, tried "just" Internet limitation too) free time, I was a hundred times more distracted and in the end it turned out contraproductive.

For me your posting was NOT blabla at all! It told me what was going on with you and it was nice to read. As a friend I am alsways interessted in what is troubling you and how you spend your time, so this was great.

You should step back form the idea of having to be original and extraordinary and philosophical in your blogposts.

Being yourself is totally enough and worth reading too! Don't make yourself small, you aren't! Be proud who you are!

At least I am proud of you. :-)

Have a great week dear!

yaga said...

Elisa, thanks so much for those nice comments. Very wise thoughts about the computer and internet, I will keep this in mind. I am still trying different things to see how strict or lax I can be with my new guidelines.
you got me with your comment about not having to be original or philosophical, of course. i am trying very hard to make my blog as interesting as possible. but maybe you are right and i should be a bit more relaxed about it. ;o)
have a great weekend!

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