Monday, October 25, 2010

I givez u helpz...

... u givez me cheezburgerz?

It must be said: You are not really helpful, little cat. Rather the contrary...

But at least you're warm and furry.

New progress

We are really on the last stretch now.
We bought some truck tarp and started putting together our roof.

Started working on the roofpoles:

And on the lightring: The round window in the middle of the roof that will also hold the whole construction together.

It's about time we got somewhere. I have to add a layer of clothes every day we spend out there and soon I am gonna look like the Michelin man and who could build a yurt dressed like that? ;o)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Toasty warm!

Well, it didn't really heat up our open air workspace yesterday, but at least we had a possibility to warm up our fingers and butts from time to time. :o)

And or course we hope that it will keep our yurt toasty warm.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So close!

We are so close now, our noses were itchy all weekend! :o)
The second trellis is halfway done:

And with the greatest help ever we started working on this:

It's the lightring, the key element of the yurt. It will sit at the top of the roof and serve as a window, whilst holding everything together at the same time.

Aaaand: On Monday we got sooo close to finishing the floor! Everything is set up and doublechecked now, and it really looks like it is working. We just couldn't put all the pieces together because it got too dark.

So now we are hoping for a few more dry days next weekend and then if the Gods allowe we'll have only parts to work on that are not so dependent on the weather. I also have holidays for two weeks from next week on, time to really work continuously again.
Sooo excited!!
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