Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Behind the mountain

Phew! I can't believe it myself, but the biggest things are done. I got up early today and before I knew what I was doing, I found myself cleaning out the attic. Quite a good thing, because all the things that I wanted to bring upstairs either had a home in a labeled box now, or enough space to be put away. Two boxes will go away to the Brockenhaus (thriftstore), and there's a full five bags of clothes and two bags of shoes to give away. (No really, I only have that many things because I *never* throw them away...!)
I started in the entrance way and cleaned out the shelf there. It's a big, very cheap one from the yellowblue store, and I don't like it, it's too heavy, especially in this dark and narrow room. So I just put the much smaller and slimmer shelf from my room out there, and it works wonderfully. I don't even need the second shelf. So will give it away.
That was my morning. I spent the whole afternoon sorting through all the bits and pieces on and around my desk. It took hours, and it was very hard to stay focused and motivated, but in the end, I got it. Everything is packed away neatly, I know where things are, and there is a specific place for everything (very important for not making a mess again).

(love that picture! It's from here!)

Now there's only a few minor things left to do:
- wetclean the floors (didn't get around to that today)
- hanging some pictures
- sorting out two small boxes with things I did not really know where to put and will need time to think about
- cleaning the windows
- redecorate (for spring, of course! ^^)

Right now I'm sitting back with a cup of tea, just enjoying the feeling of my cleaned out little flat. It seems to literally glow with brightness and calmness and cleanliness. :o)

And now I'll grab my green cardi, so the Leprechauns won't pinch me, and go and have a huge supper at the irish pub!


Elisa said...

wow, you accomplished a lot, I am proud of you!!

Sounds great, what you did and are planning to do.

Wish it would be that easy here.

Have fun and keep us updated.

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