Monday, March 15, 2010

The weekend in pictures

Luckily, I had my camera with me the whole weekend, although not the cable. so here are some spotlights of what we did on these two days.

Saturday I spent baking... sort of. First we shopped for ingredients:

And then we worked, for we had a deadline.

In the end, we got this:

A delicious cake, just big enough for a girl to fit inside... because a friend of ours had his birthday party that evening. This is what we did with it:

(For the craftily interested: We constructed a wooden frame for the two layers first, then taped packing paper to it. The cream is isolation foam. Cherries and candles for decoration.)

On sunday, we made a mess:

And then we cleaned:

And then we enjoyed our great home:

(Sneakpeak of my painting on the wall)

(note the refreshingly empty balcony in the background!)


Elisa said...

wow, sieht alles toll aus!

yaga said...

Danke! ;o)

Elisa said...

bitte. ist wirklich so :-)

Hihi, der Spamcode sagt ├╝brigens zum ersten mal: "blessed" !

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