Friday, March 5, 2010

New resolutions

I have been hanging around. Quite a bit. I mean, since I stopped working last summer I haven't really done anything, really. Or at least that's how it feels. Then I worked again until three weeks ago and these three weeks I really haven't done anything but chilling and working on my oeco-karma. ^^

Yes, yes I can year you hard working people sigh, and I can see the longing in your eyes. But let me tell you something: Not even I, the laziest person in this world, like the thought of spending all my days doing nothing. I mean, it is very comfortable, nothing to say against that. But you know, you go to bed in the evening with this awkward conscience of the fact that your life is just so stuck at the moment. And I don't like that, at all.

Ok, so I need to change something, and I know exactly where to begin. I'll tell you a secret: I am a computer person. I switch that thing on first thing in the morning and saying goodnight to the screen is the last thing I do before going to sleep. I use the computer for everything. Communication, research, entertainment, shopping, inspiration (we won't talk about the blog...)... everything! That is good, in a way, because it saves time and makes me know things that otherwise I wouldn't.
It also keeps me from actually getting away from the keyboard and getting actual, real-life things done. I know that, I have known it all along. It's just... once you admit it, you have to do something against it, and that hurts. So i kind of tried to push it away. Ok, now I told you, and now I am gonna go for a run and think about it.


Elisa said...

I am really similiar to you. But having my daily list, I stick to it, check off what I already have finished and so the computer utilization stays under controll.

Perhaps this could work for you, too?

Since I am working with a detailed daily list, it is so much easier to work on everything regular and not-so-regular and in the evening I look at the list and am really proud with myself and how much I have achieved.

It is really woth trying, it has changed my life a lot.

yaga said...

a list is a really good idea, and i am keeping a lot of them too. but i am very bad in doing daily lists. because i never know where i`m gonna be and what's gonna happen. sometimes, friends show up and i don't want to stay behind. or i can't really decide which tasks are gonna take me how much time...

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