Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Being sick and the green life

Today, I am slowly reclaiming living ground. Physically, by wandering shakily around the flat, picking up things here and there and feeling even more exhausted than after the big clean after having put away a few dishes. Mentally, by trying to keep up with social work that I had pushed aside yesterday. There is so much to organise and communicate. And who would think, in the aera of SMS and emails, that phonecalls are still so essential? It's no secret I do not like phoning, but sometimes it has to be. (I am not ok with that but my grown-up self tries to take it stoically, whilst my inner child bumps her fists against the wall). Although, not today. The fever is gone and left the well known shakiness and need for rest. But my throat is still swollen, and there's three things that I try to avoid, because they hurt so much it gives me tears: Swallowing, yawning, and talking. So today, everything that can be done via writing gets done, and the rest has to wait, hopefully until tomorrow.

Let's get to more interesting matters. Being sick affects your daily routine, of course. Dishes remain undone, phonecalls unanswered, shortly; your daily program gets cancelled. It also affects how I care for myself. When I came home on saturday I grabbed my standard sick-things from my first-aid box (some homeopatic stuff -maybe we can discuss that another time?- tiger balm, fever thermometer and so on), made some tea and that was all I did until sunday evening.

Although now I know and remember that there would have been more things that could have helped over this first stage. But of course, there are other things on your mind when your body is on flames. What I also realised is that being sick affected my shopping habits. I bought huge amounts of orange juice, and throat pastilles. Also, a sore throat always makes me long for icecream, and when I was conscious enough to feel hungry again, I was craving for all things sweet.
I believe very strongly that we should listen to our body in such situations because it will hunger for what will be useful for it.
Only maybe it is our task to interpret it's needs and translate them into healthier and environmentally friendlier products. For example, it's very clear that there's two sorts of things that can affect my throat. One of them makes me want soup and tea in huges quantities, all sorts warm stuff. That's mostly together with a cold. An infection however, like this one, calls for cold stuff, to calm the inflamed throat down. Yoghurt, as well as frozen berries or fruits have the same effect there and are much easier to purchase ecofriendly than icecream; the one sweet and cool thing my body remembers in this situation.

And since once we are sick, we will not be amused by such mental games anymore, I will put up a list in the recipes sector here, so I have it already written down for the next time.


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