What you will read about here

My head; the bubble machine. Some nights I lay awake and they seem to pop out of my ears, floating all around the room and keeping me awake. Small and big bubbles. Dreams, half-hearty projects, full blown masterplans... I'm not always quite sure. But I am on a quest to chase after the most shiny ones and makes the things come true that I can spy on their shimmering surface.

At this point of my life, with my studies successfully behind me, a flexible profession at hand and most of my life before me, these bubbles are mostly themed around the big questions of the "How" and "Where To" of life.

How do I want to live?
I am on a quest of living a sustainable 21st century life. I'm trying to live simple. I want to see the world and I want to do it in crafty style! ;o)

I am quite freaked out about how decisive that sounds already... a year ago, I would have put a huge, rather desperate question mark under that title. So look out, when bubbles are around, a lot can happen in a very short amount of time.

As for the Where To, there are some bigger lines, plans and dreams that I want to make real at some point in the future (preferably not a point that's too far away... ^^)

I am dreaming of special places to live and working towards my first one. I would really like to turn illustration into my main profession, and I want to top this by three!

Hey, looking at all this, I sound so grown up and planned out. It is really much more organic (and chaotic!) than words can show... maybe a peek into my diary might help there:

You might have guessed that I'm a little obsessed with lists. It's true. They're so helpful. Every so often I get inspired to draw dresses I like and I try to keep my ideas on paper so they don't float out of the window, like shiny bubbles.

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