Monday, November 29, 2010

a quiet day of pottering

I felt horribly cranky and moody this morning, but I tried to be good and not nag on Trev who was sitting down sketching out a detailed plan of all the work for finishing the yurt and the supplies we still need to get.

The rest of the day was a bit better, but not over the top, and I have been lurking in my PJ's, crafting tiny things just to make me feel a bit better.

Maybe I could pimp these up with some shiny (actually, I think I should!) and use them on the christmas tree?

Well, I guess we won't really have a tree this year. Last year at the WG was my first 'kind-of-my-own' christmas tree, I never had space or money for one since I am not living with my parents anymore. And anyways, I think I would want one in a pot, what's the sense of throwing it away afterwards?

IF, If, if.... the yurt is finished before christmas......... no, I know by now that I should not set deadlines anymore and I am quite sure it will not happen.
But if....
...............then we could have a decorated tree outside and it would be so wonderful! Aaawgh, I want it to be finished!!!!

Excuse my outbreaks, but as it is nearing completion, in a way, and still not, I am feeling more and more discouraged...
But at least I am trying to get back into blog-routine again. It makes me sick to only post about the building, so I try to write about other things too. Not equally important, but I hope you like to read it anyways.

And here's some candlelight, because it is important on a pottery day.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Me likee

My most favourite panties !!ever!! Who could resist swimming ducks?
Go, run to the orange M to get your own.

Trev is back from England and he brought a new family member. Meet Pinkerton, the little elephant:

Isn't he adorable? Him and Teddy are really good friends already.

Coming up: Free stuff to give away. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Early morning post

Well hello there... ugh, seems like it has been the better part of a month since I last posted.
It's not like there weren't any updates on the building - the only thing I seem to be able to write about at the moment - but somehow I felt like I had nothing to show.
And that is true - because there are no pictures. And why didn't I take any? I kind of forgot... you know, my (still quite shiny new) green camera parted into the nirvana a few weeks (a couple of months?) ago. I can still switch it on, the screen still works - it just won't take any pictures. It's not really worth mending it, as much as I hate that, but I don't have a warranty.
So I am without a camera. Well, there is Trev's old one, but to be honest, I really don't like using it because it does not do good shots. (I'm a point-and-shooter, the camera has to do the work, really)
So I keep procrastinating about pictures, or just plain forget to take the camera out.
And blogging without pictures is like a presentation without ppp...

Well, so be it. I am working on getting a new picture-making-gadget for Xmas the latest and I hope it will make me a happy girl again.
Atm though what will make me happy is a far simpler thing and that is friday night to come because that is when Trev returns from a one-week stay over in England and I miss him so much. We just kind of settled in here in my flat together, having all his stuff over and everything organised so that it feels like two people are living here, in contrast of a person being the permanent guest of the other... you know what I mean (don't you?).
Well, him being away also has good sides, I get to work on his Xmas surprises for example, I hang around the internet reading inspiring blogs (hence my effort here), and I am working on my English like crazy, because hell, I'm signed up for that Profisciency test in two weeks! I don't really know how December came close so fast, it must have put stilts on!

I had just settled with the idea of a dark and cozy November, but now I have to kickstart myself into Christmas mood!

Not that I need the energy for whipping out presents, apart from Trev's all of them are ready and wrapped since a week. I am an early bird this year. I just have so much fun making the presents and the cards and wrapping them nicely when I have no pressure.
But of course there is still the decorating, planning xmassy stuff for school and thinking about events like santa clause or christmas dinner.

Well, I would wish for it to be at the yurt - the finished one I mean - but since the weeks fly by so quickly I think it would take more than a lucky charm for us to be able to finish it in time... although I did finish almost all of the roofpoles AND the tarp last weekend.
So all left to construct is the lightring and 77 short poles, then we can start building... I've been thinking about this moment so often that now that it has come so close I don't feel anything about it anymore. I guess that really is a sign that we should finish that whole project soon. The sooner the better... *sigh*

OK, I admit, I got all emotional about not blogging, I felt bad, and I got babbling, but now Ill stop, and I'll give you a link to run to so you have something, if not any pictures:
Two cheese please is a really inspiring crafty blog of an australian girl, and if you lack ideas for xmas presents or decorations, this is the post for you: A selfmade stamps tutorial!
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