Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Watcha doing...

I really regretted not having taken my camera this morning on the market. So as an excuse for the long, picture-less post, I took a lot on my tour through Oerlikon's woods. First of all, it's wednesday, so whatcha wearing? Me a not too warm jacket and hat, but both well loved. I'm not sad on this picture, just the sun came out the very second, and made me wanting to close my eyes.

I just have to show you this pullover, I bought it about a year ago when I visited David in Germany. I remember we had such a hard time deciding if I should buy it, I went around the store and asked random customers if I should. In the end I didn't even take it off but had the lady at the counter scan it just like that. I still love it so much!

Spring is in the air. The trees are growing buds like crazy. In the fierce wind, old leaves fly out of the branches, off to unknown destinations, like the birds in fall. The earth is definitely not frozen anymore, and it seems only to be waiting for some sort of secret start sign. SHE is waiting for HIS spark... and then it will be a firework of life!

The woods in Oerlikon are not real woods. I don't think there is any of them in Switzerland. It's just a little gathering of trees. You go out, you keep to a path, and you'll get out again eventually. Here, a lot of work has been done to make space for young trees. Some of the work was done by humans, some by the wind. There's firewood for ten barbequeue-seasons around!

The open land looks wonderful. There's still lots of brown shades and only some dark green patches to be seen, but the sun gives a tone to all the colors that whispers: Soon, soon...! You can't see it, but there's a flock of sheep behind that tree to the left. When I was a child, the first time we would see the sheep outside was always a highlight in our waiting for spring.

There are even some dots of color already.

And our little friends can finally go for a good nice swim. When we visited last, two weeks ago, the pond was still frozen!

I'm sure these little guys would love to dig around the defrozen grass all around their stables.

I don't know about you, but I always wanna bring something home from a walk. Sometimes I am so overcome by all the riches that nature has to give us, that I become all greedy, and I want to take home every nice stick, every beautiful stone... well, today I restricted myself to a few snowdrops.

What's going on in your territory? Has spring arrived in your backyard? Go and hunt for it. Don't wait for Easters, it will be to late by then!


Elisa said...

hier sind die Teiche noch gefroren, selbst auf der Spree ist noch Eis.
Die Stockenten tummeln sich noch auf dem Eis und die Nachbarn haben alle ihre Gänse gegessen. :-( Blümelchen sind noch KEINE zu sehen, nur manche schieben vereinzelt Knospen durch die Erde. Auch die Erde ist hier noch gefroren. Die Schafe sind in ihren Ställen. Ich hab den gleichen Duffle in rot! :-)

Hier gibt es viele große dichte Wälder. Aber hier ist ja auch ein Naturpark.

In der Nacht hat es hier geschneit, morgens war alles weiß. Jetzt hat die Sonne den wieder weggeschmolzen, aber Kaba musste Eis kratzen, hier war auch Frost und ab übermorgen soll es auch nur wieder -2°C höchsttemperaturen geben und nachts wieder nur -10°C sodass wir hoffen das Loch im Dach bald reparieren zu können und auch daß der Kamin bald kommt.

Der Frühling lässt hier noch auf sich warten, noch schläft alles und gibt dem geneigten Gärtner die Ruhe und Gelegenheit sich mit der Planung für dieses Jahr und der Vorzucht in der Küche auseinanderzusetzen. Auch wenn sich alle nach Frühling sehnen, ich finde es gut, daß es noch Winter ist und hab das Gefühl diese Winterpause diesmal besonders nötig zu haben.

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