Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy unbirthday!!

Don't be late,
for this important date!


Yaga's Unbirthday

dear guest,

wear all your mad hats
and look your best!


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Two wheels and no engine

Getting up early on saturday morning (which was a REAL pain) paid off: We went to the veloboerse at Helvetiaplatz and I got a new bike.

It's not fabulous but definitely less crappy than the old one. All the gears work, it's big enough for me, has good tires and is only a tiny bit rusty. And was only 50.-

What can you say? Summer, I'm ready! ;o)

More deodorant

Heya! Last week I had another go at the deo topic. This time I used this recipe as a reference for quantities, but I used beeswax for the creamy component, and olive oil instead of vitamin E. Mixed the last two tries (powder and spray) into it as well and rised the content of natron again.

It's creamy, although a bit grainy and you have to massage it in very well so it doesn't shed off your skin when it dries.........BUT! but but but: It works like a charm! I've used it all through the week, last friday it held throughout the whole sports day and on saturday I didn't reapply and went for a bikeride, got really sweaty and was still pretty ok.
Wow! I really think I might have worked it out now. What a feeling! :o)

Bikini madness

Good news, twice. It's gonna be warm at the weekend (that's what the weather guy said!), and I'm ready for it: I finally found a bikini that actually fits me (I do have a somewhat problematic chest measurement...), and is cool! Thank gods for the comeback of the fifties this summer! yum! ^^

Remember that really warm day last week? A lot of people thought that Chinawiese was the place to be... oO

Hmm, good I planned something else for this weekend.

Happy summer! ;o)

Happy birthday to me

You can`t see it on these pictures, but the stone is actually light green. I have thought about getting a nose piercing for some time, but in the end it was a really spontaneous decision, I called Carlo in the morning and set an appointment for the same evening. When he asked me on which side I wanted it I realised I hadn`t really thought about any details. But he took his time and in the end I settled on something, although I suddenly got the thought that this might not look so good actually... but now I like it big time, from the first moment on it felt like it really belonged to me!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Watcha wearing Wednesday? - in words

No shoes

Because it's still a sunny day!

A nose piercing

Although it's only small. I think that suits me better though ;o) And it was my second-best bday present.

A smile

Just because.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Who you are is whom you meet and what you do

It's my birthday today, and it's a quarter of a century since I've been born. Weeh! :o) No need to make a big fuss about it.

But I've been thinking about something today, inspired by all the gorgeous people who took the time to tell me happy birthday. Even if it is just those two words, they found me worthy of a few thoughts and some seconds of their time. And isn't that what everybody has so little of today? It seems so important to me and I am very grateful to you all.

Looking over all the messages also showed a variety of people. Family of course, friends from highschool that I haven't heard of in quite some time, friends who I studied with, couchsurfing friends from all over the world, fellow pagans, workmates... there are such a variety of connections in my life. And even if with some I do not speak often or haven't even met for longer than a few hours, our lifes still connected and that can never be undone. They all have given something to me, and it all is precious to me, regardless if it was a smile or 20 dedicated years of their life.

They also indicate a lot of the things that I have done and discovered in these 25 years: School, studies, work, couchsurfing, paganism...
I am quite happy to have my birthday party on saturday and spend this day a little more quiet, thinking about how it came that I am in this world and looking back at the road that lies behind, feeling grateful.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hamburg - impressions

Huuiii, here comes the weekend! :o) And with it finally some pictures.

We visited and liked the old town around the port.

We had late-night tapas at a very cute french place.

We went to Reeperbahn.

We had a really great host.

We enjoyed the sun.

We enjoyed the evening.

We walked.

We got some luvs.

And this one is for my sisters.

(Ene mene Fuchs und Trude, auf nach Buxtehude! ^^)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

How the big gets swallowed by the small

I feel like life is going pretty smooth at the moment. My flat is clean, my bills are paid in time and I've gotten into a nice rhythm of doing all the chores that pile up day by day. I do phonecalls and send out paperstuff, I buy salt and toilet paper and I water my plants.
And because there is always something to do that needs to be done immediately, the big projects that are more long-term get neglected. It's a big thing in our life: Most things that are urgent are not really important, and vv: What is important to us is not urgent in our daily life. So we put it off. I know myself. In my case this story ends with me realising that I've spent a vast amount of time just living day by day, and not in a good way. I haven't gotten any closer to my bigger goals (or so it would seem), and this realisation will chuck me into the abyss of depression.

Well, insight is the start of changes, and I'm working on it. I'm trying to break the big things down into small chores and integrate them in the daily to-do's - with a special priority. Because ten years from now, I will probably not even remember that day I had to cook without salt, but it might be slightly important if I managed to make another step on a lifechanging program.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back from the north - into the cold!

Let's talk about the weather... ;o)
I forgot to announce here last week, that I was gonna go away. Well, I guess you might have noticed (or if you haven't that's not a problem).
There was another wedding to go to, but this time it was a friend of Trev's, so I didn't go allone.

We arrived in Hamburg on Friday morning and spent the day walking around and mostly shopping. (Very exciting!). In the evening we went on to Kiel and from there to Laboe, a very small village at the coast, where we'd rented an apartement with two other friends.
Because the wedding was on saturday and on a boat, of course the weather was bad. And really bad. It rained and there was rough wind all day, and during the night, when we went home after great food and even greater music, we got soaked!
Oh, yes I wore the red dress, but I'll have to wait for the wedding pictures, since I forgot my camera.

We returned to Hamburg on Sunday. We'd arranged for a couch there for one night and spent a very sunny afternoon and evening at the riverside together with our host. On monday we went to the port, the part of town I like most, and then had quick dinner before we went on the trainride back home.
I must say, this was the most comfortable trainride overnight I've had in a long time.

Now I'm back at work and boring for a few days. You can tell from this post, I guess. Go, do something funny and stop staring at your screen.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Watcha wearing Wednesday? - A case for fashion police

Brace yourselves, fellow fashionists! We have a severe case of lost taste to report.
Silly stripes and striped items keep creeping into my wardrobe and wrapping themselves around me in most unstylish fashion. I am more than worried...

Have a stylish wednesday evening! :o)

Who wants to play along?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I han e chlises schiffli...

We'd worked out tha perfect rainy-weekend plan for sunday. Picoletta came by for brunch, then we would go to the sauna and play some boardgames afterwards. The weather gods have sense of humor. Sunday was sunnier and warmer than all of last week (which is not difficult, but it was really a good day), and left our plans in the rain... ^^
But we are not easily scared by circumstances, and therefore we decided that it was time to start lake-enjoying-season. Trev's new flatmate and his friend invited us for a ride on a motorboat, and of course we didn't say no.

In other news I finally managed to do a belated Beltane cleanup. Since I was away for that weekend and I didn't really prepare for that holiday, I still had my Ostara stuff up and the feeling of staleness started to go through my whole appartement. So I did some cleaning up, physically and spiritually, and now everything feels very repowered.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sleepless nights at the bubble

She gave me those.

Normally I am not a bookworm, I do not read a lot. And for very good reasons. I am a junkie. If I start a book and get hooked on the story (needs a very bad book not to let that happen), I will think of little else until I finished it. When I was a kid I read literally everywhere. Under the desk at school, on the family sunday-walk. I even read in the car although I knew it would make me throw up sooner or later.
So to keep my social life going and not turn into a total nerd, I generally don't read.

Well, what can you do when a good book comes around though? I was lucky with the first one because I had the wonderful excuse of a nighttrain journey to endulge in it. The thing is, there are 12 of those...
So yesterday evening I just couldn't stop again, and I ended up reading until 5 in the morning, rubbing my eyes whilst trying to keep them open...

Besides being a bookjunkie, I am also such a child and I have a fantasy that tends to break loose and get out of hand. So after finishing reading about werewolves and other beasts, I had a really hard time getting myself to go to the dark bathroom, and I left the bedside lamp on for sleeping.

Oh well... at least I am also trained to care for children, so I can say I am more than qualified to care for myself. ;o)

And since we are speaking of strange nights, if you haven't yet you should see this video:

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Watcha wearing Wednesday? - Goth edition

Wednesday is goth night at Xtra, and it's been too long since we last went there. I always forget how wonderful this dress feels. It's such a nice fabric!

I really like the idea of WWW, but the sad thing is that there seems to be no list of people who play along, so I did some poking around and found a possibility to make a clever link-list. If you enter your link here it will appear on every other site that has the same list on. So you can copy the code to your blog and then see who signs up too, and go blog-hopping around and get to see what everybody is wearing this wednesday. I've already added some links of people that I found who posted this week.

Und für die deutschsprachigen Bloggerinnen: Wenn du den Code für diese Linkliste auf deinen Blog kopierst wird sich die Liste automatisch selber updaten, sobald jemand irgendwo auf dem Web seinen Link zur Liste hinzufügt. Du bist also immer auf dem Laufenden und kannst von dieser Liste aus von Blog zu Blog hüpfen und schauen, was andere am Mittwoch so tragen. Ich habe selber schon einige Links zu aktuellen Posts hinzugefügt.

WWW, by the way, is a creation of this lovely lady:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Weekend in the north

A weekend, a wedding, some old friends... it happens. ;o)

I spent monday feeling like a whiny kitten because of my period (Seriously - has anybody ever tried to take out your ovaries with a crochet hook? You know what I mean!), and yesterday doing some preparing work for next week when I'll be teaching for one full morning! Hooray for holidays oO
Either I'm getting old or I just didn't realise before because I didn't have time to, but these nighttrain journeys seem to give me a jetlag. I slept in horribly today and just didn't get anything done... Oh well, aside from a phone call.
You know, it's that story with me and phones. I am a bit psycho about them. There's few harder things I can imagine than picking up a phone and doing a call. It's easier when I know the person but only a little bit. The worst is when I have to call a stranger, I want something of this person I don't have a right for or I don't know if I am in the exact right place for that sort of thing to ask. Todays call was a combination of all of these things which makes me feel like I accomplished quite a bit by doing it.
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