Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Who you are is whom you meet and what you do

It's my birthday today, and it's a quarter of a century since I've been born. Weeh! :o) No need to make a big fuss about it.

But I've been thinking about something today, inspired by all the gorgeous people who took the time to tell me happy birthday. Even if it is just those two words, they found me worthy of a few thoughts and some seconds of their time. And isn't that what everybody has so little of today? It seems so important to me and I am very grateful to you all.

Looking over all the messages also showed a variety of people. Family of course, friends from highschool that I haven't heard of in quite some time, friends who I studied with, couchsurfing friends from all over the world, fellow pagans, workmates... there are such a variety of connections in my life. And even if with some I do not speak often or haven't even met for longer than a few hours, our lifes still connected and that can never be undone. They all have given something to me, and it all is precious to me, regardless if it was a smile or 20 dedicated years of their life.

They also indicate a lot of the things that I have done and discovered in these 25 years: School, studies, work, couchsurfing, paganism...
I am quite happy to have my birthday party on saturday and spend this day a little more quiet, thinking about how it came that I am in this world and looking back at the road that lies behind, feeling grateful.


simen said...

we've got the same eyes on this picture, it's stoll one of my favourite.
enjoy the rest of your (quiet) birthday.
we'll see us saturday. (:

Elisa said...

gern geschehen. Ich denke permanent an dich, da kann ich mir auch mal die Zeit nehmen dir zum Geburtstag zu gratulieren. Eigentlich wollte ich dir ja ne echte Karte machen, aber ich hab mein Konto aufs Maximum überzogen und kein Porto mehr vorhanden :-( Nächstes Jahr dann. :-)

Hab viel Spaß beim Feiern am SA!

Isi said...

My 2 loves! I love you very much!!!

yaga said...

sims: today when i look at pictures i'm sometimes unsure if its you or me... ;o)
elisa: der gedanke zählt!! aufs wie kommts wirklich weniger an.

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