Friday, May 7, 2010

Sleepless nights at the bubble

She gave me those.

Normally I am not a bookworm, I do not read a lot. And for very good reasons. I am a junkie. If I start a book and get hooked on the story (needs a very bad book not to let that happen), I will think of little else until I finished it. When I was a kid I read literally everywhere. Under the desk at school, on the family sunday-walk. I even read in the car although I knew it would make me throw up sooner or later.
So to keep my social life going and not turn into a total nerd, I generally don't read.

Well, what can you do when a good book comes around though? I was lucky with the first one because I had the wonderful excuse of a nighttrain journey to endulge in it. The thing is, there are 12 of those...
So yesterday evening I just couldn't stop again, and I ended up reading until 5 in the morning, rubbing my eyes whilst trying to keep them open...

Besides being a bookjunkie, I am also such a child and I have a fantasy that tends to break loose and get out of hand. So after finishing reading about werewolves and other beasts, I had a really hard time getting myself to go to the dark bathroom, and I left the bedside lamp on for sleeping.

Oh well... at least I am also trained to care for children, so I can say I am more than qualified to care for myself. ;o)

And since we are speaking of strange nights, if you haven't yet you should see this video:


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