Saturday, May 29, 2010

More deodorant

Heya! Last week I had another go at the deo topic. This time I used this recipe as a reference for quantities, but I used beeswax for the creamy component, and olive oil instead of vitamin E. Mixed the last two tries (powder and spray) into it as well and rised the content of natron again.

It's creamy, although a bit grainy and you have to massage it in very well so it doesn't shed off your skin when it dries.........BUT! but but but: It works like a charm! I've used it all through the week, last friday it held throughout the whole sports day and on saturday I didn't reapply and went for a bikeride, got really sweaty and was still pretty ok.
Wow! I really think I might have worked it out now. What a feeling! :o)


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