Thursday, May 6, 2010

Watcha wearing Wednesday? - Goth edition

Wednesday is goth night at Xtra, and it's been too long since we last went there. I always forget how wonderful this dress feels. It's such a nice fabric!

I really like the idea of WWW, but the sad thing is that there seems to be no list of people who play along, so I did some poking around and found a possibility to make a clever link-list. If you enter your link here it will appear on every other site that has the same list on. So you can copy the code to your blog and then see who signs up too, and go blog-hopping around and get to see what everybody is wearing this wednesday. I've already added some links of people that I found who posted this week.

Und für die deutschsprachigen Bloggerinnen: Wenn du den Code für diese Linkliste auf deinen Blog kopierst wird sich die Liste automatisch selber updaten, sobald jemand irgendwo auf dem Web seinen Link zur Liste hinzufügt. Du bist also immer auf dem Laufenden und kannst von dieser Liste aus von Blog zu Blog hüpfen und schauen, was andere am Mittwoch so tragen. Ich habe selber schon einige Links zu aktuellen Posts hinzugefügt.

WWW, by the way, is a creation of this lovely lady:


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