Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back from the north - into the cold!

Let's talk about the weather... ;o)
I forgot to announce here last week, that I was gonna go away. Well, I guess you might have noticed (or if you haven't that's not a problem).
There was another wedding to go to, but this time it was a friend of Trev's, so I didn't go allone.

We arrived in Hamburg on Friday morning and spent the day walking around and mostly shopping. (Very exciting!). In the evening we went on to Kiel and from there to Laboe, a very small village at the coast, where we'd rented an apartement with two other friends.
Because the wedding was on saturday and on a boat, of course the weather was bad. And really bad. It rained and there was rough wind all day, and during the night, when we went home after great food and even greater music, we got soaked!
Oh, yes I wore the red dress, but I'll have to wait for the wedding pictures, since I forgot my camera.

We returned to Hamburg on Sunday. We'd arranged for a couch there for one night and spent a very sunny afternoon and evening at the riverside together with our host. On monday we went to the port, the part of town I like most, and then had quick dinner before we went on the trainride back home.
I must say, this was the most comfortable trainride overnight I've had in a long time.

Now I'm back at work and boring for a few days. You can tell from this post, I guess. Go, do something funny and stop staring at your screen.


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