Thursday, May 20, 2010

How the big gets swallowed by the small

I feel like life is going pretty smooth at the moment. My flat is clean, my bills are paid in time and I've gotten into a nice rhythm of doing all the chores that pile up day by day. I do phonecalls and send out paperstuff, I buy salt and toilet paper and I water my plants.
And because there is always something to do that needs to be done immediately, the big projects that are more long-term get neglected. It's a big thing in our life: Most things that are urgent are not really important, and vv: What is important to us is not urgent in our daily life. So we put it off. I know myself. In my case this story ends with me realising that I've spent a vast amount of time just living day by day, and not in a good way. I haven't gotten any closer to my bigger goals (or so it would seem), and this realisation will chuck me into the abyss of depression.

Well, insight is the start of changes, and I'm working on it. I'm trying to break the big things down into small chores and integrate them in the daily to-do's - with a special priority. Because ten years from now, I will probably not even remember that day I had to cook without salt, but it might be slightly important if I managed to make another step on a lifechanging program.


little sis said...

great that you could do all this annoying stuff, me myself is very puzzled at the moment so, keep on doing that, big sis, it's not comfortable if you have always things in your mind that you know you have to do them. especially if they aren't amusing.
i'm looking forward to the 29th. (:

yaga said...

It is indeed very satisfying... for the moment. But we all want to do some big things in our lives, don't we? ;o)

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