Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I han e chlises schiffli...

We'd worked out tha perfect rainy-weekend plan for sunday. Picoletta came by for brunch, then we would go to the sauna and play some boardgames afterwards. The weather gods have sense of humor. Sunday was sunnier and warmer than all of last week (which is not difficult, but it was really a good day), and left our plans in the rain... ^^
But we are not easily scared by circumstances, and therefore we decided that it was time to start lake-enjoying-season. Trev's new flatmate and his friend invited us for a ride on a motorboat, and of course we didn't say no.

In other news I finally managed to do a belated Beltane cleanup. Since I was away for that weekend and I didn't really prepare for that holiday, I still had my Ostara stuff up and the feeling of staleness started to go through my whole appartement. So I did some cleaning up, physically and spiritually, and now everything feels very repowered.


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