Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Weekend in the north

A weekend, a wedding, some old friends... it happens. ;o)

I spent monday feeling like a whiny kitten because of my period (Seriously - has anybody ever tried to take out your ovaries with a crochet hook? You know what I mean!), and yesterday doing some preparing work for next week when I'll be teaching for one full morning! Hooray for holidays oO
Either I'm getting old or I just didn't realise before because I didn't have time to, but these nighttrain journeys seem to give me a jetlag. I slept in horribly today and just didn't get anything done... Oh well, aside from a phone call.
You know, it's that story with me and phones. I am a bit psycho about them. There's few harder things I can imagine than picking up a phone and doing a call. It's easier when I know the person but only a little bit. The worst is when I have to call a stranger, I want something of this person I don't have a right for or I don't know if I am in the exact right place for that sort of thing to ask. Todays call was a combination of all of these things which makes me feel like I accomplished quite a bit by doing it.


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