Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Confusing people one post-it at a time: Fun tasks whilst traveling

You might remember that I had some ideas for quirky stuff to do in each place we planned to travel to. I didn't try too hard to do all that stuff, but it was a nice guide and sometimes a good resource of fun ideas when we didn't really know what to do next.

- blow bubbles in front of Checkpoint Charlie
i'm pretending, because we didn't have bubbles with us at the time

- write on the wall

- make a lovecarpet on alexanderplatz - well, we didn't ;o) If you don't know what a lovecarpet is, watch this video.
- put a fun sticky note on a seat in the underground - In fact, we put sticky notes everywhere. They contained small drawings or fun mems like 'Just smile!', 'Look here!' or 'Today is your lucky day!'. Here's the guy who inspired us: Things we forget


- leave guerilla poetry in the Anne Frank house -
It wasn't poetry, in the end, but a pretty good deal for all the people around us:

- explore the van Gogh museum - we surely did. Spent about three hours there. It was great, albeit very crowded. :o)

- Enjoy the Bloemenmarket - Tick! It's much smaller than I imagined, but nice anyways.

- leave a lovenote on a stranger's bicycle - I loved that one! Could do it every day! :o)

- We did another cool thing in Amsterdam: Tom showed us the gay monument, a triangular platform that faces out into one of the canals. It's outer point is normally decorated with flowers, but not on the day we were there. So we drew some flowers on sticky notes and put them there:

A lady who had seen us asked us what we were doing and we started talking. It was great to meet a senior traveling enthousiast. :o)

- walk around and get lost
- ouf! That one proved undoable, what with the city not being exactly huge or complex, and Tali having such a knack for maps! ^^

- go on the lookout for the cartoons on houses in the old city -  We certainly did, and found almost all of them!

- blow bubbles for manneken pis - jap. Love this picture I took of Tali doing it. Doesn't it seem like he's looking over to her?

- and for jaeneken pis - Hehe, after we found her, we did, of course!

- go to the comic museum and send a postcard to skan (who is a big BD fan) - I couldn't get hold of his address, but I took a photo, just for him. Hey there, Skan!!

If you've been inspired to go on your own quirky adventures, let me give you some tips regarding the sticky note business:

- Don't spend money on sticky notes. They'll fall apart in your bag and then not stick properly anyways. I think a small notepad and a roll of ducttape is better (the kind you use to protect things when you paint - it's cheap and can be taken off without damage)
- Always have a couple of sharpies ready: One might have it's bad day... Different sizes also come in handy
- Prepare stickies in advance when you're feeling inspired. Walking around will be all the more fun because you're looking out for suitable places to put up your last creations, and you don't have to stop for too long when you found a spot because you can just whip out your prepared sticky and be off again. 

That was the last part of my Travel Tales. I hope you enjoyed hearing about my vacations. ;o)

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simen said...

I think I know what I'm going to do at my matura-trip. ;)
just awesome. I'd like to trave with you once, doesn't have to be far away, but would be kinda nice - don't you think? (:

yaga said...

I bet you'll have a lot of fun! ;o) Sure, I think we should do that. Maybe in France...? Let's see!

matchstickgirl said...

i love the post-it smiles

nice one!!!!!

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