Saturday, September 10, 2011

The beauty of small things - another aspect of Travel Tales 2011

One of my resolutions for this summer's trip was to take in small moments of happiness and beauty more consciously, and to document to small discoveries just as much as the big ones. I always carried my camera and snapped away at things that made me stop and smile, or think, or enjoy. I also developed a habit of doing random shooting: Taking pictures into different directions and at different angles, without looking through the finder and also without looking at them on the camera - it made for some nice surprises after getting home and some of the pictures are actually high up on my favourites list.

smiling tree

a familiar sight


some confetti

cut out and keep?

Some of these pictures are really stuck in my memory now. I don't think I would still think of these moments without the camera reminding me to focus on them.
In the last part of the Travel Tales series, I'll tell you why I carried a block of sticky notes through half of Europe. 

Travel Tales 2011:
Part 1: Hamburg
Part 2: Berlin
Part 3: Brussels
Part 4: Amsterdam


Elisa said...


The 4th foto from the top looks like the Bornholmer Bridge in North- Berlin. Soo much.

Thanks for sharing.

yaga said...

The picture is certainly from Berlin although I'm not sure anymore where I took it... :o)

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