Sunday, September 4, 2011

Best of Berlin

OK, this is not nice. Blogger's got a new editing surface and the scheduling function seems not to work at all. So all the posts I had planned for the past few days are just still sleeping in the draft-section... sorry about that, I didn't want you to be left without anything to read for so long. But now we'll get down to business:

Here comes the second part of picture-telling of my trips this summer. Our first stop was Berlin, where both me and Tali have friends.
Here's a bunch of pics that sum up my memories:

A hot and glorious day exploring the surroundings of the zoo:

No, this lady isn't cleaning my aura, just analyzing my skin :o)

Spot the odd one out!

A great and informative walk and a nice dinner out with Ju and Mariusz!

A free city tour, exploring the alternative side of Berlin: Lots of murals, squats and alternative bars. If you're ever there, look out for this lady. Her name's Lucy and she's everywhere KILLING THE CAT!


Two rainy days around the wall, admiring the artwork and translating Portuguese and German quotes to each other.

A chatty afternoon in Elisa's favourite café, catching up on her life and receiving a huge birthday package full of fabrics, handmade presents and other goodies. Thank you very much! :o)

Trying our hands at some swiss cooking for our lovely, lovely hosts, and being treated to some fabulous brunch in return.

Berlin is a city that is close to my heart for its memories. It's the place I went to on my first ever trip where I went some place all allone. It was also the first time I flew by myself (I had only flown to once before - to England, when I was about 5 years old) and the first time I met people from an online community that would introduce me to some very dear friends over the next few years.
Since then, I have gone back so many times that being there almost doesn't feel like being on vacation anymore. It's not a city I love so much I'd want to go and live there. But I like it for it's familiarity and its rich and everchanging culture. This last visit has definitely brought to light another side of the place again, as I did a lot of touristy things that I never got around doing before.

Look out for the third part of travel tales to come - it will be about Brussels.

Travel tales par one: Hamburg


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