Monday, July 11, 2011


Hey guys,
I already told you I'm going away for a few days soon and I wanted to share our plans with you. Here's a map with our route:

Summer trip with tali auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

I think it's a cute little trip, doable in the about ten days that we have. Including a new city for both of us (Brussels for me and Amsterdam for Tali) and places where we can meet old friends and family.
We are still looking for rideshares or cheap tickets but haven't been lucky so far, cross fingers for us!

We are both on a reeeally tight budget (meaning if we were good kids, we'd never go... ^^) for this trip, so we're trying to keep expenses to a minimum.
If you happen to live in the area and would like to meet us, get in touch! :o) Keep in mind though that we do not have much time and money, so we can't really go out of our way to meet you.

Here's a few fun things I thought of to do in all the places:

- blow bubbles in front of Checkpoint Charlie
- write on the wall
- make a lovecarpet on alexanderplatz
- put a fun sticky note on a seat in the underground

- leave guerilla poetry in the Anne Frank house
- explore the van Gogh museum
- Enjoy the Bloemenmarket
- leave a lovenote on a stranger's bicycle

- walk around and get lost
- go on the lookout for the cartoons on houses in the old city
- blow bubbles for manneken pis
- and for jaeneken pis
- go to the comic museum and send a postcard to skan (who is a big BD fan)

Sounds like fun eh? My bag is basically ready, now I'm trying to get as much work done as possible before leaving around the 20st.
I can't erally concentrate though... wonder why! ;o)

Do you have traveling plans for this summer? What's your favourite way of traveling?


Lisa said...

soo jealous i wish when we are going to visit.. that i was going to berlin... thats one of the places i been dieing to go... looks fun cant wait to hear about the trip when you get back!

Tali said...

Hey, I didn't think about none of the stuff... But I liked it!!

I thought about:
in Brussels, find 5 different cartoon painting in the walls... (Last time I saw 3,but couldn't search for more... So I think 5 is possible...)
in Amsterdam, I want to make something like a piercing or a new tattoo... And rent a bike if is sunny...
and in Berlin, I don't know, I already did all the classic touristy stuff... So I accept tips...

Zoë said...

Have a nice trip then,
meet many interesting people
and have loads of fun!! :)


Elisa said...

Oh, if you are staying in the east (Alexanderplatz, Checkpoint Charlie and The Wall gallery) I might convince Ron to let me accompagny you and play your guide. And Tali, don't worry I have something planned for you which is free entry and since I will drive you no transportation fees either.

Can't wait to have you here in my house as well.

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