Friday, September 16, 2011

Self portrait Thursday

Yap, I actually made one this week, but I felt so sleepy yesterday night that I didn't get around to posting it. It's here now! :o)

Not much to say about it.
I finally finished a sketch for the first picture of my other book project... after a long time of trial and error, I get to play with paint again. I just need to get to the copy store to print it on watercolor paper and make sure I don't screw up the original ^^
Until then I'm working on the next one and doing a lot of sketching for no real goal... just making pretty things. I'm thinking about what to make of all these little drawings, they're quite stacking up.
Oh and I also did some model sketching, mainly herbs and grasses because I need them for the book.

I'm linking up with "Our creative spaces" again after quite a while this week. Follow the link to see more crafty people's workspaces from this week!
Hope your week went well and wishing you all a great weekend!


Ruth said...

Love that line drawing! I so wish I could draw!

Sandrine said...

What a cute little self portrait!Have a great weekend :)x

Sharda Sewdien said...

love your sketch.;)

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