Saturday, July 9, 2011

Let me show you my housemates!

Since you've seen our space already, let me now introduce you to my fabulous housemates. I adore them because they are the cooles guys ever. These are some rough (very rough) sketches I did of them. I thought it might be a fun way to introduce you to the people I sometimes mention in my posts.

Jojo is the one who brought us all together. He did the cooking in our yurt course last year and that's how we met him. He co-owns a longboard shop in Zurich, works for a project called "Schtifti" that teaches teenagers about fun sports and healthy eating and he initiated the beeschool project (which you will hear more about in another "Let me show you..." post). He's going back and forth between these jobs and all their locations constantly and only drops by a few days a week before he heads off to more great deeds. :o)

Felix is the guy you will meet most on this blog, because he's always here. He teamed up with Jojo for the beeschool project. He also does a lot of work around the house, gardening and building. He knows a lot about plants and he likes to take pretty pictures of flowers and insects. He is such a fun guy and I really love having him around. He's very interested in ecological lifestyle and has recently quit his job as an engineer to do things that he finds more fulfilling. It's so inspiring to talk with him.

Next on is the boy who's never here. So he's basically like our house ghost.You can call him Barto. He's working in Jojo's shop in Zurich all the time so he prefers to stay there. He's an avid skater and snowboarder and he likes to take pictures.
I haven't seen him since we're here but I know him a little bit from last year's yurt course (he had dreads back then). Since his room is always empty we often give it to Woofers. It's the nice room next to the balcony.

Hansjürg is something like our daddy and our kidlet at the same time. He's the oldest of us and taking care of a lot of stuff. But sometimes we also need to take care of him or clean up after him because he is like a human tornado with his energy and his gazilion ideas. He runs "Hansjürg Hess Humanitarian Foundation" (3hf), a charity project that helps people build schools and water systems mainly in India and Haiti .
He is also the owner of Tschumi.
As you can imagine, you need a lot of contacts for this job and so he  is always on the run, meeting important people around the globe, connecting them with each other and his foundation. He never stays in one place very long and you never know when he's showing up.

What a fun bunch, don't you think? I will miss them once we leave this place! Apart from our 'accidental' flatshare with three other people in Trev's last home I have never lived in a big shared place and I really enjoy it. The house is very different from a flat, if you go to your room you are much more 'for yourself' since you're on another floor than the other people and not just separated from them by a door.

Have you missed my last "Let me show you..." posts? You can read about our house, our room and the dog so far, and there's still more to come. See you! ;o)


Zoë said...

Nice way to introdue your mates... :)

I like the pictures...
cute and funny :)

I live with roomates too, and its the one of the best things that have ever happened to me. :)

Cindy said...

This is a great way to introduce your house mates to us! They all seem like wonderful people and it's amazing what they're doing with their lives! Truly following their dreams and that's what really speaks to me.

A little of a bummer about Barto never being there, but it's okay I guess. Lol. I love your let me show you posts, Yaga. Great work! :)

Lisa said...

i love your artwork.. i wish i could even draw!!! i have no skills!!! haha


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