Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let me show you our room

Hello everybody,
I thought I'd show you a little before-and-after of our room here at the new house.
When we first arrived it was full of matresses, old bedframes and other stuff. After we'd chucked it all out (most of the bedframes went out through the window), there was at least space to put our boxes.

There was also that very ugly wardrobe full of bed covers and blankets.
It was veeery heavy. I know that because I dragged it into the small room all by myself. I spent the better part of a day putting everything in place and unpacking the most important boxes.

I had to wait until everybody was up to put some big nails in the wall to be able to hang our clothes. I made some kind of shelves with the empty moving boxes. I really like having a walk-in closet ;o)

I added some decorations and hung some of my favourite posters bit by bit after that.

Now yesterday the boys gave me a really sweet little red table I can use for working when I'm up in the room. We still have to put it together, but then we're all set in our little space.

'Till next time! :o)


Cindy said...

Cozy and ahh what a view! :)

and you have a sugar-free ticker! Good luck, good luck, Yaga!

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