Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Let me show you our house!

Hello everybody! Wow, I know it's kinda late, but I've been painting all day and now I just finished sorting out and editing a bunch of pictures that I took, but now I'm all ready to show you our new place. I'm so excited! Shall we?

This is the house you'll see from the street if you come and visit us. Our landlady lives in the right part. We're on the left side.

Let's have that a little closer so you can get an impression already.

The garage is actually used as a storage room and workshop. Cars go everywhere else, just not in there. ;o)
If you go past the garage we can go around the house and see the backside. 
I'm not going near the cellar at the moment because there's a bucket full with angry bees in there and I'm allergic to bees. But they are cute animals and I hope the boys can keep them.

We have a lovely little garden that is growing quite wild at the moment, but at least it is growing. Felix built that greenhouse all by himself out of old windows.

Ok, let's go in, shall we?


The kitchen is just ahead when you enter. It's one of the most frequently used rooms and thankfully quite spacy. People here like to cook and eat quality food. Most of them are experimenting with or have found a special diet that works for them. When we are all together we generally eat vegan, sugar- and gluten free to suit everybody. It works surprisingly well!

Next to the kitchen door is the visitor planner (that once seemed like a good idea but is now a bit deserted...) and bagpuss who is keeping an eye out for everyone who passes by.

Wanna have a peek into the livingroom? Since we don't have a dining table we all snuggle up on the sofa for eating. Most people also work here if they have computer stuff to do. I don't like sitting here during the day though, because there are a lot of flies and it's not really so warm in here.

Let's go upstairs. If we turn left on the first floor, you can see the mini ladder that leads into the small attic. It's basically just a room right under the roof, but it's quite big and full of matresses. Felix likes to spend nights and lazy days here sometimes. It means you shouldn't disturb him.

Past that secret room is the big bathroom and the boy's rooms, and our lovely balcony.

It's nice to have morning tea here, because it's the first spot to get sun here.

Let's go back to the stairs and turn right that time. Here's Felix' room. Hansjuerg has an office room of his own and up the stairs we get to the second floor.

Next to the stairwell is a little landing. Often, you can find Trev here' working. Oh but not today, he's down in the livingroom! :o)


The first door to the right is about as high as my shoulders. Behind it is the guest room, called tiny room because it is tiny. It's very cosy though, and if you leave the window open at night, you can hear the waterfall.
The room next to it is Hansjuergs, but he hardly ever uses it for sleeping. He's just got all his stuff here. So except if there's guests we are allone up here because around the corner, behind the green curtain is our domain.

We have the loveliest view out the back of the house right down to the river. Our room might not have a proper door, but it's the biggest one in the house and also probably the cosiest.

Next time I will show you how we transformed that little space from a dumping room into the sweetest little hideaway.

I hope you had fun looking at our house with me.
Come back soon! ;o)



Cindy said...

Your house is so eclectic and cozy! I really like it because you can tell people really love it and live in it. :) the world can't be a Pottery Barn commercial lol! Thanks for showing us, Yaga!

I particularly like the balcony btw! I've always dreamed about having one! :D

Jay said...

I love your house tour -- my favorite part; the dart board outside & the fact that the garage is used for everything BUT vehicles. Sounds like ours. Well, working vehicles anyway.. I found you via Creating my way to success' blog hop!

Minoaka Bebe said...

i love your place, i think it's cuite and cozy! you have a beautiful view from your room, reminds me of my place. we also have a nice view of the mountains in Wailuku,located in Maui, Hawaii. thanks for sharing!

Marlee said...

I like your house! And how you labeled everything, it's cute (and convenient!) Found you at the Wednesday blog hop and am glad I did, am a happy new follower :).

Babysister said...

so excited for vistin u!
miss you sis.

Youthful Pursuits said...

Hello Yaga from Switzerland,
It is so nice to get to know you through your blog. Just friending you from Wed blog hop. Have a wonderful day. Come by for a visit:

Elisa said...

Yes, I had great fun and of course I will come back soon :-)

Wish I could visit you over there but more likely you and Trev will visit us this year. :-)

Kaba and family will as well.

Clairejustine said...

I love your house,i'm a new follower from Wednesdays blog hop :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I like the title of your blog description small girl with big dreams. Dropping in from Wednesday blog hop.


lamina@do a bit said...

What a great house... LOve it :)

yaga said...

I'm glad you liked the thour! ;o) The house really isn't anything that'll ever be featured in a livestyle magazine, but as you said, it's being loved and lived in and that's what gives it a lot of soul!

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