Saturday, July 9, 2011

10 Birthday wishes by Keveen!

Hi everyone and happy weekend! I hope you have great plans! ;o)
I had a strange night because I just couldn't sleep and ended up staying awake until past 8 AM... I'm used to that, it happens every now and again and I will only feel horrible tomorrow, so I just made use of the time. I spent some hours on google maps pinning all the places I wanna go in Europe and setting a route for a possible trip trough all these places. Then I did something wrong and the whole thing was gone. o.O
I think I need to buy a real life map and pin the things on there.
I'm getting all antsy about going on the road and traveling, I'm really looking forward to it. In the past I used to feel very afraid to go away on my own because the last time I did I spent a looong time missing Trev very, very badly and not really enjoying the trip. But now I feel a lot more secure. I don't really know why, maybe time, age? Or sorting things out in my life? Maybe I'm also just overestimating myself and I'll be glad the next trip is only two weeks. ;o) We'll see about that.

Travel-related, there is something really really sweet and important I want to share with you. It's Keveen' birthday. Keveen is the man behing Korakor - spread your love!, a really fascinating and inspiring project. I met him through a mutual traveling friend and he is just SO inspiring.
He made this video sharing ten things that you can do to make him happy on his special day and they are the best birthday wishes EVER!

So, pick one way to say happy birthday to an admirable man and make yourself happier at the same time! :o) If you do so, drop me a line, I'd love to share your experiences!
Thanks for reading!


Cindy said...

Wow, he's amazing! And his sound. Lol.

I was wondering, Yaga, where are you going on your next trip? I'm glad you won't be as sad about leaving Trev behind. That can be so hard. : (

yaga said...

The plan is to go north and visit some friends and familiy. We're working on the details and I'll post about it as soon as we have set a pan! :o)

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