Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend links

I've been saving some links for you to check out!
First, I'd love to share this really inspiring video, I hope it will bring you some motivation to start into the new week full of energy.

I found a very interesting and inspiring blogger who lives and travels with her family in a caravan in Australia. Go visit her at Living The Simple Dream.

I've also been a bit sluggish with my workouts in the past week so I've been looking for some inspiration on the web and came across this fun quiz: What's your running Style?

Lastly, I've been treasuring that one for a while but haven't really had the mojo to start yet, but it might be just the right thing for you: A website that helps you write every day, it's a great ritual to boost your creativity and productivity (in any field). Visit 750 words.

I hope you've had a good weekend and haven't suffered too much from the cold... See you tomorrow!


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