Friday, February 3, 2012

Merry Imbolc

Imbolc is a pagan festival that celebrates the very first signs of spring. Depending on the region, that would be ewes giving birth to lambs, snowdrops pushing through the frozen earth, even the first of some milder days.
Imbolc has many forms and faces, and as always, it doesn't really matter what the name, what's important is the overall feeling of relief and hope as the days get perceptively longer. In some countries, people braced themselves for the last tough period of winter, when all the stored food started running out and new crops couldn't be harvested yet.

Today people celebrate groundhog day in the U.S., it's the season for Fastnacht.. rituals that want to make sure winter is driven away and summer is going to be good.

Imbolc is often celebrated in honour of Brighid, the three-fold goddess of creativity.

I have been a bit sick-lish during this week, so I didn't get out to buy some new candles for the celebration as I had planned. Instead, I made do what we had at home and set up an altary for Brighid in the livingroom, next to the sanctuary-bed.

I didn't really do a big ritual... just some praying and meditating, that's what I was capable of... I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed, it seems like I've taken on some big goals for this year and I have to simplify. I was praying for help to organise it better so that I would not feel like I was drowning in to-dos.
In my meditation, I met Brighid in a beautiful garden. She was wearing a plaid shirt, overalls and wellies, and she had a very foul language. She reminded me a bit of a hobbit-lady. ^^

Anyways, it seems that even the smallest amount of effort is opening barriers these days and I think I made another good step towards getting it all in order and actually move forward.

This Sunday, my little sister is coming to stay with us for a week. I'm really looking forward to it, and I'll be busy until then getting some things done.

I hope Brighid grants you inspiration and fruit-loaden orchards for your efforts these days!


Lily said...

hello dear,
the one time I met Brighid, She was wearing overalls smeared with axle grease from repairing motorbikes. Goddess of smithcraft, go figure.

yaga said...

hehe, yes i remember that story now! cool, seems to be a pattern somehow ;o)

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