Tuesday, February 7, 2012


It's been a whirl of a week so far.

I went to the farmer's market on Saturday.

On Sunday, Trev and me went to the Fleamarket to get some bikes.

the Bye-Bye-Bike

the Cool Bike
We got a good deal for both of them, although the Cool bike is most probably a stolen one... it's very well kept and I paid, like, nothing for it. The byebyebike was less value for money, but even cheaper. It's a bit too small for me and doesn't have good brakes or working gears, but it's driveable and I wanted it mainly to give it to my sister/guests, and to drive myself when I'm out with Trev who can use the cool one. After he leaves I might sell it on.

Sunday afternoon a friend of mine invited us to a crêpes party at her place and it was the first time in ages I had a conversation with a group of French speaking people. I think I did quite well.
Sunday evening we picked up my little sister at the trainstation. She's staying the week and on Friday we're going to Zurich together, for my dads birthday party on Saturday.

We went out yesterday and had good fun

and good cocktails

We went to a rockbar which is one of the coolest places ever because their theme and music is so well chosen that all of us like it - me, my sister, Trev and my dad!
And later we had cocktails at a pirate-themed bar. Who doesn't love pirates?

Of course, I haven't really got any work done and I feel a bit disconnected with all the things I still have to take care of until end of the month. I'm a bit floating in a between-space at the moment. 

Today was one of these days that is hard and good, in the way that lots of things happen all of a sudden and you get very confused and it's hard to make decisions, but you have to, and you struggle on but you know that this is the storm that leads onto the time when things just fall in place.
I've started to look for a flatmate for March so I can share the rent with someone when Trev is gone. So today my phone was ringing constantly and I was trying to explain to people in French what the conditions for the contract were etc. A couple already visited tonight and there's some more coming over on Thursday.

But tomorrow, we're planning on a nice day out at the coast. I won't think of anything else and just enjoy the time. There's a time for planning and there's a time to let go.

I hope to get back with beautiful pictures tomorrow! ;o)


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