Thursday, January 19, 2012

My morning routine, my bed, my hair.

I have quite the morning routine these days.
In the mornings, I get woken up by the bell from the school next to our apartment complex. The outside area of the school is right in front of our bedroom window, so at 8am., when the kids start pouring in, there is not much sleep to be had anymore. I mostly stay in bed, cuddling in and enjoying the warm for another half hour, that's when the doorbell of our neighbours starts to ring. They are a married couple who look after six kids every day during the week. Around 8.30, the first parents will drop off their kid. After that, it's constant bell-ringing and chatter in the hallway for about two hours. That's when I'm getting up. I put something warm on and I sit on the livingroom floor for 15 minutes, meditating.
Then I check on Trev. If he is still sleeping and doesn't seem to want to get up (or if he has worked late the night before), I'll get dressed in tracksuits and go to the bakery. Most days I walk, sometimes I take the bicycle. On th way back, I munch one small bit from the end of the bread. It is my little treat that I look forward to and it is the part of the bread that tastes most delicious, but only if you eat it in secrecy. ;o)
If Trev is waking up (like today) I'll ask him if he can go and get bread.
Then I switch on the iPad and I put on the yoga video of the previous day on the 21day yoga challenge. Today it was standing poses. I like the teachers and I like standing poses, but they are really challenging and I get tired. After that I wake Trev or I wait until he's finished his mornig workout and we eat breakfast. I'll clean up the kitchen if it's my turn and tidy up the rest of the apartment, like give the toilet a scrub, put away laundry, pick up clothes from last night, air the cover and make the bed.

That's pretty much my morning routine atm. After that it's either off for conversation dates, or hanging out at home like today. Some days feel more productive, because there is an outcome, like the painting to show off from yesterday. Other days I do more thinking, planning, researching... like today. It feels like I haven't really done anything - although I swear I haven't been surfing mindlessly except for breaks. I guess I'm writing this down so I know it myself. :o)

I don't sleep so well atm. The first few nights I couldn't sleep because of all the unfamiliar noises, I had to check out if any of them was a threat to my rest, or if they were just normal things. The radiator in our room is broken and can't be switched off, and it makes gurgling or dripping noises all night. It gives me a hard time when I want to go to sleep. The bed is harder than I'm used to, with springs in it and some nights it hurts my hips when I lay on my side. I then turn from one position to the other and can't really find any way to be comfortable. But I think I've got used to most of these things now. I just still have troubles going to sleep, but then I have times like these. The thing is, I get woken up in the mornings (which is quite ok, because I like to have a routine that includes as much of the daylight as possible), I can't catch up on sleep. I also seem to have lost the ability to nap during the day, even if I feel nauseous and headachy from tiredness. I just can't get myself to lie down and rest when there is so much to do. I'm afraid I will fall into being my lazy, tired self and never get up and get interesting, exciting, creative and wonderful things done.

Duh, so be it then, there's people who live with a lot less sleep than me. ;o)
My hair is getting longer, and I'm looking forward to when I can put it in a ponytail again. The sad thing about it is that the purple is washing out. I won't dye it again for a while, I bought some brown Henna powder yesterday to get it to an all natural color and then it will stay like this for some time.

Now I think I will go shopping as long as the sun lasts... I've planned for some yummi vegan risotto tonight. Wish me luck! ;o)


Thrifty Crafty Girl said...

I have a noisy little alarm clock that wakes me up at 6am every morning!

My husband had some troubles falling asleep too... we tried some chamomile tea at night which seemed to do the trick for him.

Good luck with your risotto!

Elisa said...

I recommend earplugs for you. The ones from proalpine are the best but the Ohropax soft ones are also great.

It saved my sanity with Robin.

Oh and I am looking forward to longer hair as well. And Pigtail too. I swear Eugens beautiful silver mane is longer than my hair is now.

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