Sunday, January 22, 2012

A relaxing weekend.

Hi everyone, I've been kept from blogging by thinking about blogging too much. No joke! I was in a bit of a nostalgic mood lately and I've been thinking about writing about my two only best friends I've had. I'm not a person to make best friends easily. That's ok though, I'm way too clumsy and easily stressed out to maintain many parallel friendships, so I don't. I'm not best friends with these people anymore, but I sure miss them from time to time. Like on Friday, I was thinking on what to write about them on my walk home from the city. But then I decided I shouldn't post it, because it seemed so sentimental. Maybe I'll do it some day when I'm not soaking in nostalgia. ^^
I've been feeling a bit worn out by this week, organising all the language exchanges and getting confused between three languages every day, along with other things to think about, working out and not sleeping too well has taken its toll from me. I just kept feeling more and more tired, I had headaches all day long and I felt flu-like pain in my limbs each evening and had a sore throat even though it never turned into a cold. So I decided, this weekend I'd take a break from everything.
I slept in real long yesterday and today, I've been lounging around all day, reading in the sun on the balcony and such. Then yesterday afternoon we went into town to check out some shops we'd found interesting during the last week. I discovered a big arts supply shop and bought one of these artist plates with a thumbhole to mix paint on. I can't say what the word would be in any language atm. ^^ It's been on the list for a while. Normally I use a piece of cardboard or the lid of a glassjar or my hand, but the first two are not so handy, and since I've taken to experimenting with oil colors, those leach through the cardboard and the paint certainly isn't so healthy on my skin, so I'm excited about that new tool.
I also got a French SIMcard - after a lot of waiting! But it was worth it. Then we went for cocktails and beers and discovered the 'street of cool places' - I believe every city has one. That one is certainly gonna be an object of more exploring in the future. Several cool shops (Rockabilly!!), bars, brunch-places....
But we went to an Indian Restaurant for dinner, and it was phantastic! I even ate dessert... oO It's hard to find good vegetarian food here, and vegan is even more difficult. So atm I'm not completely strict when we eat out, but I'm trying to track down the right places. :o)
Today I finished the first book of my booklist (H.D. Thoreau's 'Walden, or life in the woods'), then read some background about it on wiki, talked to my family on the phone, did my finances, dyed my hair (brown, with henna, nothing interesting, but it feels good) and went and took some pictures of the trees behind our house. I'm on a mission to get acquainted with the trees and eventually other plants around here, so I took pictures and then I sketched their bark and silhouette, the leaves and fruits (as far as there were any, it is, after all, only January) on my notepad. There will be more investigations online, but so far I have an idea of what they might be for quite a few of them. It feels good. :o)

What feels good in your life? I hope a lot! :o))


Elisa said...

the only thing that seems to feel good at the moment is to have a chimney to fight against cold and lonelyness in the evenings.

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