Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In which I ramble... again.

I really finished that painting I talked about on facebook today. Whoot whoot, it makes me really happy when I look at it in all it's finishedness. It's a big painting and it has so many elements I was intimidated by until I used them for this project. It also gave me a very big surprise, and it was a something like my anchor for settling into a life here. But I'll show and tell you more when there can be pictures.

No pictures has turned this blog into a bit of a random. I actually like that I can just ramble on about daily things to you without feeling guilty of not posting anything 'meaty'. I like to babble, sometimes. ^^
I'm saving a lot of the more serious things for later, so you can look forward to some very nice and be-pictured posts whenever the Gods decide to give me back my charger. (Sorry for whining yet again, you can probably tell by now I am veeery impatient). So don't give up reading here just now. ;o)

What else from today? I felt tired. I worked out. It made me feel worse. Well, you can't always win.

The package that arrived from my parents yesterday had christmas presents in it: Two new nightshirts and three pairs of tights. I really needed new ones and had wished for one of each from an environmentally conscious company (they are so expensive I couldn't have afforded them myself), and they bought me so much! I am thrilled! I want to run around in a nightshirt and tights all day now. They are really comfy. :o)

How are you guys? I haven't been able to respond to any of your comments, but I'm always so happy to hear from you, and I visit your blogs, too! *Wave*
Yum, I think it's chips and salad for dinner tonight! Talk later! ;o)


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