Thursday, November 17, 2011

Self portrait Thursday - week 46

Feeling a bit hippy in my handmade farmprint-fabric pants today! ^^ Also, we made a start in sorting through our stuff to see what will be packed when we move.

Trev got an email that we've been waiting for for some time now, as we made our plans around this event. Remember we agreed to spend christmas in England this year. Since Trev also has a job offer from a lab in Glasgow we wanted to link the two so we didn't have to fly over twice.
So our December will start with a short trip to Montpellier in France to sign our rent contract for the flat which will run from beginning of January until sometime in summer.
The week after we'll fly to Scotland and spend some days there. We also want to look at the city a bit and see if we would want to spend a few years there... then we'll take the train down to London and stay with Trev's parents until/over christmas.
There are no further plans yet but at the beginning of January I'll hand over my flat in Zurich to Kim officially and we have to be ready to move down south. I plan on packing everything but the bare necessities up before the traveling starts but you never know.
So, yeah, I'm excited! :o)

Oh, I'm also enlightened, as you can see. *lol* still feeling very dazed from my experiences last week. Some dear friends have agreed to help me plan my initiation ceremony, I'm so grateful for that and really looking forward to work together with these girls!

And here is something else: I made a couple of things in the past few days that I don't really want to keep. So I had this idea that I wanted to trade them with somebody who would be happy about them - for whatever they want to offer - another item, the postage fee, or even just a smile and a prayer... go look at my facebook album of the Karma Swap!

Wherever you are, whatever you do, I hope it is pleasant!


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