Friday, November 18, 2011

New clothes

Here are the clothes I made from the fabric I got for my birthday.
I knew I wanted to make a flowy skirt from the brightly colored fabric and I liked the colors together. So I experimented with it a bit and came up with this combined, princess-like skirt. I need to wear an underskirt with it though, because the fabric gets static with my tights. It would probably look nice with my pettycoat.

I also made a skirt from the flowery fabric. I made a waistband from some stretch material and then just cut a round hole in the middle of the fabric to have minimal waste. The result is a very swingy, twirly pixie skirt that calls for some embellishment. I'm thinking tassles and bells, yeah!

I've already been lounging around in my supercool farmprint pants. They are super comfy and quirky, I'm in love with them! Super easy pant shape with no side seam, adding a stretchy, superlong waistband and some more stretch at the ankles.

I'm quite proud of myself for not screwing anything up too badly this time, and of Miss Bernina for being very well behaved although she really worked hard for three full days.
Well, happy sewing! ;o)


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