Friday, November 11, 2011

Self portrait Thursday - Week 45

Already? Hmm, time flies by, doesn't it? Especially October and November always seem to go way too fast, as if they had been infected by December...

It's been a strange couple of days since we came back from England on Tuesday. I always feel like I'm a bit boring when I tell lengthy stories about small things, but that's mostly what defines our lifes, isn't it? So I think I haven't told you in detail but I've had some problems with my back that started a few weeks ago and it just hasn't got significantly better. I'm really pissed about that because when it happened I had just established such a cool exercise routine. I was working out, running and doing yoga every day and I felt great. Then I did something - I still have no clue what caused the whole story - and wham! Pain in my lower back, zapping all the way down into my leg. It's really annoying.
Well, I decided to show the doctor yesterday and she gave me some anti-inflammatory painkillers to try, although she wasn't quite sure what it is either. She said I can start working out again though. Yay! Now I have to kick my ass all over again.

Well, that's the background groove of the past few weeks (remember, in this time we've been to Paris and then the two weeks in London - equals a looot of walking equals a looot of pain!).
But then something other happened to me on Wednesday... I still can't really put it in words but I'm trying and I hope I'll be able to write a concise post about it soon... This is not a teaser, it's just to try and tell you how I feel at the moment. Something big happened to me, that I've been wishing for for a loong time, and now I'm not sure how to feel about it and as it is with sceptics like me, I already feel like it might have been just a dream...

Has something like this ever happened to you? A moment where you were sure that your life was changing there and then, but not in a way that one could see our touch - and then afterwards you wondered if you had imagined everything?


Elisa said...

Yes, that happened to me at least twice. :-)

I bet what happened to you on Wednesday was that Trev proposed to you. At least this is how it sounds like from this teaser.

Or maybe you were given a big book illustrating project or a job in another continent.

I stay with the first idea, I'd say. Usually my tummy is right. :-)

yaga said...

Haha, you are right in the way that now that I read this post again, it really sounds like something like this. But it is not, none of those... stay put! :oP

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