Sunday, November 13, 2011

A day of sewing

I spent some days last week at my parent's place and went to Bern on Saturday afternoon to meet some girls that I studied with (we still organise meetings every once in a while which is fun) - a great change of scenery! Today I slept in rrreeeally long. I'm not sure but I think the medecine is making me sleepy...
Anyway, I realised that our time here in Switzerland is running out and this means that I will not have a sewing machine for much longer (I promised my Mum I would give it back when we go abroad), so I decided I needed to revamp my relationship with Miss Bernina.
I also did some handsewing on the balcony, because I couldn't bring myself to sit in our room in the dark whils a brilliant autumn sun was shining outside.

My score of today is:

- 1 pair of socks
- 2 dresses
- 1 pair of trousers
- 1 skirt
- 1 corset

- 1 trouser = 0.5 pair of trousers ^^ (they're nearly finished but I don't know how wearable they'll be...oO)

So for tomorrow I've planned some more sewing with the fabric that I got for my birthday and that has been lying around for much too long. Let's hope that Miss Bernina will be as cooperative as today!

Do you sometimes mend clothes? It's real easy and it can double the life of your stuff. Good for your wallet, good for the environment!


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