Wednesday, November 9, 2011

England swings...

Let me just say it with Roger... ;o)

Ok, enough of the fun. I tell you: I have just spent about half an hour weeding through all the pictures that I have taken during our trip and I had such a hard time deciding on a sensible number to show to you. I really love the different modes my new camera has, it saves me most of the editing and therefore quite a lot of time. Sometimes the pictures are just much better quality if I choose the right mode (hand-held night mode for example is a lifesaver!) and sometimes it just gives the picture an extra bit of interest (extra vibrant and toy camera are my two favourites!). I also think that very slowly, bit by bit, I do start to see a little difference in my photographing abilities. I don't think it will eve take my interest enough for me to really get the hang of it, but I take a lot of pictures and I realise that if I read an article about photography from time to time and try to mind some of the tips that I remember, sometimes it does make a difference. Also, with more experience I know much better what will look good on the screen later and I choose the angles of my pictures more carefully.

Anyways... I've selected a few (really only a fraction!) for you to see here. If you want to look at more, I'll include the links to the facebook albums at the end.

Good golly people, England is beautiful in fall...

You've seen enough pictures of London City when we were there in spring (or go to the album if you haven't had enough ^^), but this one I really like!!

We drove out west to Somerset to visit Trev's Grandmother. On Samhain (Halloween) we visited his Grandad's grave and went to see Stonehenge. It's a very impressive site. A shame though that they fenced it all off.
On the way back I just had to stop by this place on the road - having heard so many bad things about this chain! ^^

Well, yeah, I had toast and beans, pretty much how I would have made them at home (not the best thing to say about a dish) and Trev had a pretty decent vegi burger in a cold bun. But they had internet.

And we saw this guy in the car that was parked next to ours... I nearly dropped dead laughing! He seriously believed he was totally gonna drive this car away any second. Even kept checking the side mirror!! *lol*

From Somerset we drove over to Glastonbury where we spent three days exploring the town's many many spiritual/hippie/magical/esoteric shops, enjoyed the fact that most of the caf├ęs offered organic food, discovered the choccolate love temple and offered candles to the Goddess.
First thing we did though, after we'd dropped off our bags was walk up to the Thor.
What a walk! What a wind! What a dower! What a view!!!!

I can't believe how close we were to not going to see the abbey. We were not really in the mood for yet more ruins... but oh my, it's just stunning! And if the ruins are not, then the park is!

This is the church of the town by night. We also did a quick detour to the cathedral in Wells, which is an absolutely stunning building.

We thought if we're gonna stay in Glastonbury then we should do it with style and so we stayed at an Indian ashram - in a yurt! The place is actually really delighting and the people there were phantastic. I must admit that I skipped all the morning meditations, but the practical spirituality that they have could be felt through all the house. I'd love to go back for a yoga retreat...

Whilst driving over to Dorste two days later, we encountered the most stunning rainbow ever. It was a double rainbow, and it span right from one end of this field to the other. The sky was so clear for a minute or two that we could see both ends of the bow, this closer one seemed to come down only a couple of hundred meters in front of us - the colors were visible over the grass!!!
I have never seen anything so magical and it's well possible I never will anymore... of all the spiritual places that we visited, this one, in the middle of a journey, out of the blue, is probably the one that I will most remember!

For the last two days in the countryside we visited Trev's friend Pete and started off the Guy Fawkes weekend with the Carnival in Bridgewater - so much fun! If you haven't seen it, watch the video that I made about this event: Video Link

The next day, after visiting the White Giant, we made our way back to London, to watch the bonfire burning the Guy and some great firework.

If you're not already knocked out with this picture-heavy post, you can see more of my snapshots here:
England in fall
West England - Hobbits, clowns and druids

I hope you had a great start in November!!


Lisa said...

such lovely pictures

yaga said...

Thanks Lisa, I loved to take them, too! ;o)

Catharina said...

Ou, awesome photographies! You're doing good with the camera :D Wish i could go there too!

yaga said...

Thank you, it's really fun! And you should go if you ever have the possibility!! Much love

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