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Creating Success around the World - last post!

This is my last post so far on the blog hop. It will be carried on by the other hosts and might become more interactive - great chance for you to bring your beautiful blog out there! Keep up to date!

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Charlène Fournier is a graphical designer and illustrator from Belgium. I wanted to know how the artist behind all the sweet illustrations, the beautiful jewelry and the adorable plushies feels about what she's doing. Read why Charlène wants to move away from Belgium but still likes the people in her town, and what she does against creativity block. 

Tell us a bit about your trade: What do you create, how and where do you sell your things,
how long have you been doing this?

Hi! I own a little etsy shop called Les Joues Grises. I opened it right after finishing my art studies in june of this year, so it is a pretty young shop. I sell mostly illustrations, prints and originals. I also like to make jewelry and plushes, so you can find some in the shop too.

Please, tell us a little bit about the place and the country that you live in.

I currently live in Liege, a big/small city in Belgium. It's an old mining city, lots of red brick and grey. Sky often gray, a river called la Meuse crossing the city. Small houses with several stories, very typical and pretty. Kinda dirty sometimes, but great people in it + they have the most delicious fries so they're forgiven. ;)

Do you think that your surroundings influence your creativity? How? 

Right now I'm not sure, I think most of my creative roots come from the people I know, I often see similarities with them after I finish a drawing.

How and why did you 'pick' your creative outlet of choice?

I have always drawn and doodled, I didn't really see myself doing anything else. I picked graphic design studies because I could be creative and have the possibility of a career.(yeah, sometimes I think it's a little bit of a coward decision) 
 Why did you decide to sell what you are creating?

Hum…That a tough question! I think at some point I wanted to see if I could do it, if people would be interested in buying my work…or not ^-^'

How did you start your business?

Simply by opening it on Etsy, I also created a page on Facebook to promote it and I have a twitter account  :)

I also have a blog (far before my shop actually), but I'm not a regular blogger, so it is updated…when it is updated (boooohoooo). I'm currently working on a better version for my portfolio. I think I'll add a blog part, prettier than the one I have now.
So there is plenty of choices to follow my work (maybe a little...too much ?) :)

What, in your opinion is your biggest strength in your creative life and how does it
influence your work?

I am eclectic, I love to experiment a lot of techniques and mix them to create. Etching, sewing, painting, doodling, mixing all that…So much to try, so little time!
I think this is my biggest strength and it can help during creative blocking, I just switch my techniques and try something else/new. In the end, my illustrations can be mixed media.

What would you regard as your greatest weakness in terms of your creativity and how do
you deal with it?

Creativity blocking. It's just awful to feel you powerless at doing what you love the most. When I feel empty/tired/creative free, I just do something else, I go out or I read blogs/magazines.

How do you stay motivated and inspired?

I try to push myself doing at least one thing a day.

Where do you see yourself and your creative life in two years? Do you have any plans?

I'd love to be a freelance illustrator, still selling my illustrations. I would love to live in Berlin. Or Antwerpen. Great cultural background there.

What are your 5 hottest tips for people who want to be more successful with

1/ Try a lot. If you fail, try again. Keep up hope.
2/ Watch clouds and stars every time you can: They are magical.
3/ Listen to good music (the one that gives you energy :) )
4/ Just observe things and faces around you. Every little thing is amazing when you look at them carefully enough.
5/ Share. Just share your knowledge, learn from other people with other kind of knowledge. You never loose creativity doing so, because it never ends.

Thank you so much for all that neat advice, Charlène!

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Jill said...

Thanks for introducing us to Charlene - she has some beautiful artwork and Jewellery!

Thanks too for being our European host Yaga! You've introduced us to some amazing people - and you will be missed! We'll still be stopping by to see what you're up to!!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Blue Wave Glass said...

Beautiful work! Just love it!
Blue Wave Glass

anckr said...

OOOOwwwh I'm such a dazed girl !! I forgot completely about the time of publication -_-
So sorry, I wanted to share the interview on my fb and twitter ! I'll do it right away :)
Thank you again Yaga and sorry I forgot ^_____^'''''''''

yaga said...

don't worry, it happens! ^^ It was a pleasure, thanks for your insightful answers!

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