Monday, October 31, 2011

The end of a journey

Since July this year, I have been traveling around the world every Tuesday, visiting creative entrepreneurs all around the globe, reading interviews about their work and looking at all the blogs that had joined the linky list with their posts about their own creative endeavours.
Initially, Jill from Creating my Way to Success and I had decided to team up and think of a fun way to promote our and other creative blogs around the world. We didn't want to just create another linky list, since there are already quite a bunch of them. We also wanted to provide people with information and inspiration to take their creativity to the next level and start a business with their art.
So we came up with Creating Success around the world.

We found four more fabulous ladies. Each of us lives on a different continent. Each of us hosted an interview with an artist from their part of the world each week, allowing the readers to virtually visit many different creative souls from Asia to South America.
American Suzy from Suzy's artsy craftsy Sitcom made me laugh each week with her hilarious sitom-y setups of the interview. Molly who writes at Marya Mariah finds fascinating creators from South America. Through her blog I learned that Google translator actually does work quite well and opens me a whole range of blogs that I couldn't read before! In Asia, Janelle presented her guests on Of Pinks and Fairytales and made me dream about faraway exotic places where there seem to live so many creative minds.
Sadly, Adepeju who had joined us with her blog Peekadot and had proven such a talent in finding young and innovative designers from Africa, left the project a few weeks ago.

It was such a fun project and I sure did meet some wonderful people and learnt great stuff. I loved to read the answers of the interviewers and also enjoyed seeing more and more people join the blog hop as the word spread.

But ('ve seen this coming, haven't you?)
it's a lot of work. It takes a lot of time managing an interview every week, looking for people to interview, keeping and overlook on who has responded, who needs reminding, who can be ticked off the list. Then I look through their websites, try and get to know them a bit so I can write an introduction. I choose pictures, put the interview together, write up the post, put all the links in and schedule it. In the end, I have to make sure I don't forget the linky code that is sent around each week for the upcoming post.
Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. I'm just stating the facts that there is work involved here, and more importantly: Time.
Time which I don't have at the moment or at least would rather use for other things that are coming up. We will most probably move again soon and we have lots of things to sort out.

That is why I have - not lightheartedly, believe me - decided to leave Creating Success around the World per next week.
There will be a last post with a very nice creative lady tomorrow, and after that, I will only maybe link up to the blog hop and enjoy the world tour as a reader.
I really hope that the girls will go on with this great project and that I will see many more world tour posts on the net.

I didn't intend to write such a long post, but I feel it's only right to take some time to say goodbye to something that was important to me and that my heart is still involved with.

I wish you girls tons of fun and good luck with the hop in the future!


Suzy Myers said...

Yaga, It has been a real pleasure! And you will be missed!


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