Thursday, November 3, 2011

Recipe: The ultimate fall breakfast

Recipes are very scarce on that blog because I normally don't cook (and if I do it is nothing that's worth mentioning) and if I bake I use recipes of other people - I'm not experienced enough to make up my own stuff.
But even a blind chicken finds a corn from time to time, as we say in German.

I have been on a quest for the perfect breakfast for a while. Ever since I've stopped eating sugar I've had muesli or bread with honey in the mornings.

But I don't like the effect dairy has on me in the morning and a bread with honey without butter doesn't taste the same.

So I've been looking for breakfast that is vegan, quick(!) and simple to make (I don't go great lenghts in the morning, there just has to be breakfast, now.), warm and sweet (we do English breakfast every once in a while but the very first thing I need in the morning is something sweet and fruity to get me going - my coffee replacement ^^).

You wouldn't think,but it is actually really hard to find something that lives up to my standards.
I've seen recipes for sweet porridge and also rice pudding that I will definitely try. My reservation with these is that they use milk replacement products like rice, coconut or soy milk which are all by themselves not unproblematic in production and come from far away, so I don't really want to make them an everyday standard.

Now last week I whipped something up in the middle of the night because I had an extraordinary case of PMS-sweet-cravings and there was nothing whatsoever that suited me.
So I raided the cupboard, took what I could find, threw it all together, and lo and behold: It came out yummi!! :o)

People here in Britain eat something similar for pudding (dessert) and they call it crumble so that's where it got the name from.

Here's how to make Apple-nut crumble

3-4 medium size apples or fruit of your choice, cut into slices about 1 cm thick
2 cups ground nuts of your choice (I used hazelnut)
1 cup wheat flakes of your choice (I used oats)
0.5 cup chopped up dried fruit of your choice (I used figues)

optional: 2 tablespoons of honey with 0.5 cup of hot water

Preheat your oven to 200 °C

Put a baking sheet in a small cake form or rub it out with oil.
Spreat one layer of your fresh and dried fruit at the bottom ot the form, then cover with the ground nuts and a handful of the wheat flakes.
Repeat, but make the top layer of nuts and flakes thicker, covering the fruit as much as possible.
If you want you can now sprinkle the filling with the honeywater (I did and mine came out very sweet, so it really wouldn't have been necessary).

Put in the middle of the oven and bake for 30mts.

It is done when the fresh fruit are soft and the top is golden and crusty.

I had a small serving that night to soothe my sweet tooth and then kept the form in the fridge. The leftovers made very generous breakfast portions for two more days. I just popped it in the oven at 100 °C before I did my morning yoga and then had a great fruity sweet and filling breakfast waiting for me!

I love that this recipe is flexible enough so that you can use whatever you have at hand and don't have to get special ingredients in order to make it work.
And since in the morning I just want something that works and don't need any variety, this will definitely be my go-to recipe to keep ready for fall breakfasts.

Thanks for reading!


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