Thursday, October 27, 2011

Self portrait Thursday - and a Halloween freebie!

Here's me with an outch again... I feel so silly!
I got these barefoot shoes from a friend to try and I went running with them. Although I knew it would be very different from running with normal shoes I just wanted to run so badly I went for my normal 30mts route.
I didn't even have to wait for the next day for sore legs. But yesterday and the day before have been SO bad! I could hardly walk, I'd rather call it staggering. And stairs are almost a deadly obstacle. I go up them kind of sideways and down in some sort of slump, trying not to use the muscles in my lower legs...

When people ask me if I'm hurt or something I'm really embarrassed to tell the story because I feel so riddiculous. Ah well, lesson learnt! ;o)

On another note, it's Halloween soon! I don't know if you celebrate it in any way. Many people seem to have taken up the American traditions around here. We don't really do that because we can't relate to it, but Halloween under all the modern partyfrenzy and kids-excitement is also a very important pagan holiday and therefore is big for us. We're remembering our ancestors, honouring them and asking advice for the future. For some people (like me), Halloween is the actual beginning of the new spiritual year and therefore is a time for looking back and deciding what to let go of and what to take with me into the dark and silent times that mark the birth of the new year.
I'm really excited because we're planning to go to Stonehenge to celebrate it. I've never been there and I'm excited enough to see the Stones, let allone to have a ritual there.

But what I really wanted to say is: I've played around with some of my pictures and made a card that I really liked and I thought you might like it too, so I'm putting it up here as a little Samhain-present for you! Maybe you still want to send out some cards or use it as a placecard for a Halloween dinner, or, or, or. Just download it and whatever you want (except for selling it or saying that you made it - but I don't think you will! ;o) ).

(I left the bubble free so you can write your own greetings)
Here's the link to a bigger version. Hope you like it. ;o)
Have a magical Halloween!
Thanks for reading!


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