Wednesday, October 26, 2011

As the leaves are turning

The other day I felt a bit small and not really up to anything. It happens when the only possibilities you have are either to curl up under a heap of blankets in the bed in a cold room, or sit downstairs in the livingroom where it is warmer but you don't have much privacy. And I like my privacy when I work. Sometimes there are things to do around the house like bringing plants in for winter, or putting the last of the harvest safely into the cellar, or doing the laundry.
Everyone likes these chores these days because they make you warm. ^^

Anyways, it turned out to be quite a nice afternoon after all, because the sun came out and we had a little walk to the store and I picked up the golden leaves from the side of the road and then I hung them around the livingroom for decoration. They look so pretty, I didn't really need to do anything with them. I just knotted threads on and put them up. I mixed in a few feathers for variety. It's nice to have the place all autumn-y and special.

If there's still pretty leaves when we come home in two weeks, I might make a wreath for the front door. Did you do any seasonal decoration? Do you already have the pumpkins out?


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