Monday, September 5, 2011

This ole' world is moving - drag along!

Whatever you can say about this world - one of the most beautiful things about it is that everything in it is constantly changing and evolving.

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming, especially when I'm really, painfully aware of the change. I might get frightened about losing something to the change. Or just frustrated at the fact that every minute I am missing a thousand things because I can't be everywhere and things are not coming back.
But let's hear the good part: The fact that everything is constantly shifting means that I, too can adjust my ideas and choices again and again. Life is no one-way street. It's more like a maze where every turn you choose is a good one because you will discover important things along the path that you take.

Still, sometimes the movement makes us dizzy, and we like to create an air of stability around at least some parts of our lives. Be it our home, our partners, our beliefs or daily routines. Some people feel the need for this more than others.
I like to make lists and charts of everything in my head. It gives me the illusion of control. That's why I like schedules, too.
But after some time I just discover that they don't really fit with my way of life. I like the idea of stability at first, but as soon as I get too cosy with something, I feel the urge to break it up. It makes me feel like I'm sitting on a huge pile of gold like an old dragon, too scared to move away from its lair, from fear of losing its treasure.
I don't want to get stuck anywhere in life.

Well, that's quite a big chunk of the philosophy cake for you, but I've been thinking along these lines ever since last week. It's changing-time again, and I like it. I can feel the excitement rise in my soul. Dreams and plans are more important these days and other things get pushed aside.
I hate having to do anything that is a regular. I want to dwell on the new experiences.

And before you ask: Yes, I'm gettin to the point. ^^
I've decided that ***Monday Friend*** will not be a regulare feature anymore. Mondays just come around too often for all the work that I have to put into these posts. I will still do them, just not every week. It will take pressure off and let me enjoy it when I do it, and that's how it should be.
I'm still trying to do the self portrait every week because that does not take a lot of time.
I know a lot of people loved the Monday posts and I hope you can understand that doing them every week is quite a chore and whilst there are wonderful bloggers out there who have a great schedule for their blogs and stick to it, I just don't seem to be one of them.

Look out for a post full with lovely links to check out for you tonight!

Thanks for reading!


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