Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Musings

Hey everyone!
I've been taking it a bit slow here on the blog, I'm in that funny mood of catching my breath in anticipation of exciting things to come. This weekend the weather turned from positively glorious to just hideously gray, cold and rainy. It didn't stop raining even for a minute between Saturday evening and Sunday night. When we woke up this morning the clouds had floated away from the mountaintops for a bit and we could see that it had snowed up there. The leaves of the trees are turning and the house is getting chilly. We're all sitting inside, enjoying leisure time watching movies and drinking tea and working in the kitchen on all the things that we've collected during summer, making jam, drying herbs and cracking nuts.

We're not the only ones preparing for winter
I am quite glad that we don't plan to be here for most of the winter because I don't know how well I could cope with days like these, and the cold, for months at a time.

This Thursday, Trev will hold his defense on his thesis and after that, the big part of the chapter "PhD" is finished. We've booked a few days in my favourite wellness hotel in Austria the week after. The time after that is dedicated to friends who have been long neglected due to the writing: We're expecting some dear friends for a visit, we'll spend a weekend with some other good friends in Paris and after that we're headed to England to visit old pals and family and enjoy Halloween and Guy Fawkes on Trev's homeground.

In between trips we'll start packing up our stuff and some time towards the end of November we want to be headed south, most probably to France, to spend the winter months exploring new territory, making music and keeping our school French from fading further ^^
We'll see how long we'll last down there, but we'll have a few months at least. Trev has a pretty definite offer for a postdoc about alternative energies in Atlanta that he is quite excited about. The catch is that they'll have to find funding first which should not be a problem per se, but a matter of time, which suits us just fine.

That's pretty much the future plans that we have so far. We're trying to let go of too definite plannings as far as possible, because experience has shown that often things happen very shortly before a change and that you can never know for sure where wer're going to end up.
That's OK though, the most important thing is to get moving again which feels really awesome. 
It will, however, mean that I'll cut a bit short on the blog in the times to come. As I've said before: I realised that a 'static' blog with a lot of daily features is just not for me. I feel much better to write about what's really important to me at the moment and risk to leave you with a few post-less days a week. 
I hope that's OK with you guys. ;o)


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