Monday, September 12, 2011

What I like about hippy festivals

Everyone you meet has a story - and time and trust enough to tell it to you, if you're willing to listen. You get used to kids you've never seen before asking you to help them go to the toilet, use you as a climbing tree or run through your legs followed by a bunch of dogs.
Things that you're normally alone with suddenly turn to normal - going barefoot, aladdin trousers and freaky hair seem to be part of some kind of uniform.
Volunteers have worked two weeks to set up every single thing on the tiny area with their own hands. From the stage and the restaurant with eating deck on top to a firework tower and a kid's play area and a gigantic 'Oskar'mouse, everything is made from local wood and decorated as if there was a price to win. 

What I don't like so much: Hungry wasps everywhere! Freaky and crazy are not the same thing, but pretty close. You might find yourself in a conversation with a lady who wants to convince you that the only way to get out of a depression is to read a certain book about light magic, or you're sitting in a yurt listening to a guy explaining that there is no such thing as viruses and all doctors are evil.
Even though there is no advertising, no big brands sponsoring the event which clearly wants to stay away from capitalistic influence - you go home and you think: "Awh, if I could only get mocassin boots like this lady had! And I really need a gipsy skirt..." (I don't like realising that I want something because my subconsciousness got fooled into thinking this particular item would make me more happy. No, I don't like that.)

It was great to have a break and forget just about everything for a weekend.
Trev has finally handed in his thesis last week and the festival was the perfect occasion to celebrate. We enjoyed doing nothing, just hanging out, soaking in the athmosphere, listening and dancing to the music, occasionally talking to people who were all really interesting and inspiring in their own way, and from time to time escape into the forests to enjoy a quiet walk away from the hustle and bustle.

Now it's ten more days until the defense, and then we're finally turning that page. We have plans and ideas and even some more concrete projects for the future, but it still needs some cooking time whilst we draw a deep breath and wait for the last lines of this chapter.

I hope you had a great weekend and your Monday was equally nice!


Elisa said...

nice, yes.

But would have been much nicer with a mail from you in my inbox. :-)

Maybe tomorrow :-)

Sounds like you had fun enough for 3 so I experience it through you

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